I am still surprised by the hoax of the Mueller report and as I had pointed out to Sidney Powell, current attorney for Michael Flynn, about all the indictments coming from said report, why didn’t the lawyers yell from the rooftops about “fruit of the poison tree”. She agreed and now her brilliant strategies defending Flynn will yield a great deal more information about the ‘poison tree’ that these criminals, fraudsters, so freely picked from, to unseat a duly elected President!

The Steele Dossier was a fraud perpetrated on the American people and the world by those who want to control our agendas both in government and in the private sector along with a Deep State, which some believe with good reason, all started with the Obama Administration.

Maybe, it was naïve of many, including me, to wrongly assume after the Mueller report that we could go back to our normal, unfriendly political discourse. Obviously, the Democrats had a pinch hitter so to speak, in the form of a well-coordinated leaker, accusing the President high crimes and misdemeanors worthy of impeachment!

The American people really have no clue, since the ones who buy into this impeachment, are slogan followers, Trump Haters, who haven’t bothered to understand or even researched the President’s call to the Ukraine, showing the topic of aid only came up in reference to how well the US treats Ukraine as compared to the Euro Nations, but very specifically Germany. There was no threat of any aid being withheld!

We also know the Ukrainian delegation hadn’t even been made aware of any aid being held up, until after a month or so from the date of the call in July. We also know, but it seems the voters don’t, that in 2015 the US Ambassador to Ukraine asked for an investigation into the president of Burisma, [Ukraine Gas Co.] that same company, Hunter Biden made a small fortune being associated with! How is it different from VP Papa Biden asking the President of Ukraine to fire the head prosecutor looking into corruption if he wants our aid totaling $1 Billion?

We should hope our Presidents would be careful about giving aid to any foreign power who believe corruption, crimes against humanity, are the currencies to move forward. Why didn’t the Democrats go ballistic when Trump held up aid to Afghanistan due to Government Corruption? He’s allowed to do that, but not allowed to question another foreign leader about their rampant corruption?

Just like the bad actors who were the impetus behind the Mueller Report and those who started it, Americans need to see a point of finality with indictments of those who had a hand in this coup d’état.

And those involved in this new attempt to unseat Trump, including Adam Schiff who, I believe was one of the behind the scenes coordinator of said leakers very legalese letter, should be brought up on charges regardless who they are!

We don’t live in a protected dictatorship whereby our leaders get immunity to any crimes. If we can’t show we can shut these sorts of attempts down, as well as indict all responsible, how are the citizens of this country going to be able to trust any process?