Guest Post by BY 


Before deliberation begins in a jury trial, the Judge must instruct the jurors on how they are to consider the evidence that was presented to them.

Jurors are told that part of their job is to assess the credibility of each witness; to be the sole arbiter and determiner of that credibility; and to use all their powers of observation, watching, listening, common sense and experiences to make that determination. Based on all of that, they are allowed to discount any or all of a witness’s testimony if they find that the witness is not credible.

Here are five suspiciously simple reasons why it is not only okay to discount the credibility of these perpetual accusers, but it is necessary if we are ever to find the truth about what has been happening in our government.

  • Their stories and accusations keep changing but the players never do.
    The same people keep leveling different charges. When the charges are found to be false, they cling to the narrative anyway and move on to another false charge.  Would this fly anywhere but in the alternative universe of today’s politics?
  • They never had any intention of giving the President a chance–and never even tried to fake it.  Maxine Waters was not alone, but was simply the most well known for calling for Trump’s impeachment before he was inaugurated.  So, before he ever had the opportunity to commit an impeachable offense he was already deemed guilty.  How do they expect the public to consider any of their “evidence” seriously?  Doesn’t that poison the well from that point forward?
  • They feigned outrage at Trump’s slightest error, were unwilling to concede the smallest point, or acknowledge his tiniest success. Could anyone be as bad as they have painted Donald Trump? Do the people who have believed the lies about him ever question how one-sided and hateful the charges have been?  -Especially when those charges even contradict themselves?  (He’s clever, lazy & mentally ill, etc.)  They have irresponsibly and consistently whipped people into a frenzy to justify impeachment. As mentioned, that was their publicly stated goal all along.
  • They took the opposite position from Trump on everything no matter how immoral or preposterous it made them appear.  Trump’s talent has been most apparent when he has used that to his advantage. Their over-the-top hysteria has even led them to come to the defense of MS-13 gang members.
  • They assiduously ignore facts which contradict their chosen narrative. This continues to prove that they have never been interested in the truth.
It’s time to feel fine about ignoring chapter and verse of whatever is their latest charade. Watching it is valuable for one purpose:  It serves as a reminder of what lengths to which these “public servants” will go to reverse the will of everyday Americans for whom they have shown such contempt. That, and they are desperate to protect themselves and their friends from prosecution.