Now it’s time to distribute your client’s spot. Maybe it’s a rural safety message or urban shopping center opening. Maybe it’s about what to give fathers for a gift this holiday season, or what gift to give mothers. You need distribution that reaches its target audience. It goes without saying that it needs to be affordable, just like it goes without saying that you need Main Street! Pick your demographic and budget, and watch as we get to work- but don’t blink or you’ll miss our swift turnaround!

main street

We Also Provide
Commercials, ANR’s, Promotions, Segment/Program Buys, Education Campaigns, Commentaries, English, Spanish delivered through both conventional, non-conventional avenues of broadcast placement. We now offer social media placement through our Social Media Influencer.

* Individual City
* Multiple Cities
* Individual Region
* Multiple Regions
* National USA
* International

Think Targeted – Think Main Street Radio.
There’s One Traveled in Every Town

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