This could happen in your city, community!

NYC subway thief thanks Democrats after his 139th arrest, release: ‘Bail reform, it’s lit!‘- Fox News

“Less than a week under the new system, elected officials are already having second thoughts, rattled by stories of suspects’ being set free and committing new crimes ─ including that of a woman accused of an anti-Semitic attack in New York City.” NBC News

The New Bail Law went into effect on January 1 in New York. It will eliminate pretrial detention and cash bail as an option in an estimated 90 percent of arrests. For the remaining cases, judges will maintain the option of setting cash bail.

When you see cities like Chicago, Baltimore, San Francisco, LA, New York and others that have major crime problems, the one thing these cities ALL have in common beside their scary, mounting crime rates, they are ALL run by Democrats and they are in debt and they want to keep looking for ways to syphon ones money in higher taxes, fees on utilities and other services, until you are literally working for them.

The fact the citizens of these places don’t hold these lawmakers accountable is beyond sad. These places are socialist experiments that reward illegal aliens with free healthcare and assistance, all with monies they don’t have and are looking for the taxpayer to subsidize!

Is it any wonder Americans voted someone to be President that wasn’t a career politician and didn’t go into public office to get rich. The man donates his whole salary every year back to gov’t agencies who need extra funds and organizations who do charitable works!

These experiments with social justice, plans, laws, taxes, further bolsters the opinion of most Americans, which is, we don’t want SOCIALISM as a way of life and we disagree with Bernie Sanders on how Bread Lines are a good thing!