Last night, attack Mike was the theme! It seems Michael Bloomberg can’t hide behind his billions and not be attacked. Good thing as well, since he is a bigoted, tyrannical little wannabe, who would create the biggest Nanny Country the world has ever seen with a modern day Napoleon at the helm!

Like it or not, this current President has achieved success on issues the Democrats claimed for years were theirs…Justice Reform for one! They talked about it, they said they had a plan about it, but they did jack about it!

So, Trump saw an avenue to go down that would hit the Democrats right in the middle of the street and blow their issue wide open. The “First Step Act” has been the first real reform we have had in our criminal justice system for decades that really matters! Regardless of “Party”, this is a win!

Bloomberg has a dismal record in NYC with minorities and people of color! He wants to raise taxes on the poor, let cops go into neighborhoods he deems broken and arrest those who fit a profile and wants to be able to harass women then fire them and make them sign an NDA. Who does that?

Tuesday before the debate, NBC/Wall Street Journal released a poll saying 67% of Liberals would not elect a socialist for President. If that’s the case, ALL the candidates should save their money and that of their donors and pack it up! Each one has some policy that is so far fetched and expensive, a give-away, that no one really in this country wants bread lines, a run on the banks and have to choose between cat food for dinner or lights being kept on!