Good news, Seattle and neighboring communities are working out details to re-open and have said, they will weigh various factors, including closely monitoring the rate of new cases, expanding testing and reporting capabilities and ensuring that the health care system is prepared to handle additional infections.
There were 5 States, that did not impose stay at home orders, or lockdowns. There were another 7 States, that had only some counties within that State sheltering in place.
Slowly, we are starting to pass the peaks of the virus in each State and the testing capabilities, will be an important factor in some hard hit States, on just how well each State can keep up with the possibility of more infections in the near future.
There are a number of drug companies coming close to either starting or completing some trails and we could see a vaccine in the fall. In the meantime, there are a number of drugs that are being used here and around the world that have proved effective in curing the virus in patients that they treat!
No President in modern times, has ever been faced with such mitigating challenges, as the virus, shutdown and partisan politics. The standing on the sidelines coaching and yelling at what should be done is as lame as predicting the Sun won’t rise tomorrow! Monday morning quarterbacking, is SO easy, but it never changes the outcome!
Stay safe, keep following guidelines so we can get going once again!