With lawmakers trying to politicize this crisis, it’s a pity they only want to push their agenda to the forefront, while Americans are losing their businesses!

The hypocrisy of the rabid Left like Pelosi, Schumer, not giving into a Payroll Tax Holiday like Obama did during his tenure, they essentially have made it unfair and troublesome for the small businesses in this country. One would think that 26.9 million small companies would be in top contention when it came to time to helping them survive!

Let’s call a spade a spade, shall we! This Wuhan, China, Coronavirus, or whatever you want to attach to the already well established pandemic, we should not have to lose our livelihood or be subjected to handouts when, with no fault of our own, we find it tight to operate and retain our people!

Senator Blackburn from Tennessee was right when she stated we should NOT pay China any interest or principal on the $1Trillion in notes they hold of American debt! That should be the beginning of just what we need to do to restore the copious amounts of money this country and the world is owed. The other countries can get their restitution however they want, but we hold a lot of cards and we should use everyone of them!

Americans need to flood the phone lines of lawmakers demanding they do their jobs and stop playing God! Why is it, we feel the need to just vote for someone, but not check up on what they are doing? That is enabling! So, when you have folks who just talk and not do a thing, ask them the last time they called their Representative, wrote a letter?

This is the perfect time to think about Term Limits! If we have those limits for our local, State, elected officials, even the Presidency, why don’t we have them for the Congress or Senate? We give TOO MUCH power to 535 individuals.

You may phone the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask for your States Congressperson or Senator!

Use some of the down time you may have to make your voice heard!