Bravo to Facebook for standing up to the ‘Cancel Culture’ of boycotts! Facebook refuses to bow to pressure to cancel posts from the President and his supporters.

So, we are NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE OUR OWN THOUGHTS OR THINK WHAT WE WANT? Are the looney, rabid, stupid Left kidding?

What to look forward to if they win in November. Your thoughts controlled, you are told how much you can earn, wear uniform, can’t speak your mind, stand in food lines, all the while, authoritarians who occupy the White House and Capitol Hill [if we still have one] line their pockets and those of their faithful, BIG money donors!

Here’s what Speaker Nancy Pelosi said yesterday when asked about statues coming down:
“I Don’t Even Have My Grandmother’s earrings, I don’t care that much about the statues”. [airTV]

Media: Despite Falling Covid Death Rate, We Must Remain Terrified
‘In a lot of ways, it’s worse than ever’.-Grabien News

Shaun King, Head of BLM- June 2020- “Democrats, from top to bottom, are running the cities with the worst police brutality in America right now. We voted for them”

Violence doesn’t solve anything but more violence. Go to your polling station, NOT MAIL IN VOTING, let your vote speak volumes!