We keep seeing the failures from the last number of administrations come back to try and persuade us, that what they did during their time in office was valid, necessary, for national security, blah, blah, blah!

A perfect example of failed policies, by a failed administration when you honestly look back, is the Iran Nuclear Deal, with former Senator, former Secretary of State, failed presidential candidate, liar, John Kerry.

Read here a great synopsis of the revisionist history Mr. Kerry thrust upon on the small world of the DNC Convention last week…

History Keeps Proving John Kerry Wrong
By David Harsanyi -Real Clear Politics

“It took approximately 20 seconds for former Secretary of State John Kerry to drop the first flagrant lie in his Democratic National Convention speech on Tuesday, when he claimed that the Obama administration’s so-called Iran deal had “eliminated the threat of an Iran with a nuclear weapon.” It didn’t get any better from there.

Kerry knows well that sunset provisions in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action provided Iran’s government with a pathway to building nuclear weapons in a few years. He knows well that Israel uncovered a giant cache of documents with instructions on how to jumpstart a program to build a nuclear arsenal, which undermined both the spirit and the rationale of the nonproliferation agreement Iran signed. He knows that Iran was developing ballistic-missile programs meant to deliver nuclear weapons.

Kerry’s big accomplishment was to destroy a sanctions program that was working, thereby saving the Islamic Republic from economic ruin. This allowed the Islamist government to strengthen its proxies in Syria, Lebanon, the Palestinian territories, Yemen and Iraq.

Now, Kerry says Trump “doesn’t know how to defend the troops”? Well, I’m not sure that the man who oversaw the billions [my words, $150 Billion to be exact] in direct cash payments to a government that had a hand in murdering and maiming hundreds of American troops has the moral authority to level that criticism. Kerry himself acknowledged [ my words, so did Obama] that sanctions relief would likely end up in the coffers of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard — now a designated terror group. Surely, then, he knew that the pallets of euros and Swiss francs he was shipping to Tehran in an unmarked cargo plane would also find their way to the groups triggering conflicts across the Middle East — not to mention subjugating people at home.

While many argued for a maximum-pressure campaign against the Islamic Republic, Kerry preferred the no-pressure route. The Iran deal, in fact, often seemed to be the Obama administration’s top obsession. Nothing would stand in the way. And while the media echo chamber was misleading the public at home, Kerry was placating Russia and allowing a humanitarian disaster to unfold in Syria in an effort to save the deal.”

It goes on and the sad fact, the Obama administration allowed Russia to get a stronghold in the Middle East. They allowed Syria to cross a very dangerous “Red Line” ( On August 20, 2012, President Barack Obama used the phrase “red line” in reference to the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war, saying, “We have been very clear to the Assad regime, but also to other players on the ground, that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized”. [Obama tried to back peddle this statement since then]

It’s really drole to see these talking heads continue espousing accomplishments that only happened in their minds! They deny saying what we know they said and then go on to denounce the source and profess, it has been doctored!

So, why are former officials from Obama era politics, speaking up for Joe Biden, when we know they don’t think he is fit for office or capable of being the Leader this country needs? Not just because of his age, but also due to the fact he steals people words, he has no original thoughts and he has accomplished pretty much squat since his 4 decades in politics. What he has done, co-sponsor the 1994 Crime Bill, pretty much tells you in a
nutshell, who Joe Biden is! Since then, his relevance is as sad as his not knowing where he is, who he is and why he is supposed to be there!