When reading this article, then looking at ALL the examples in just this primary season, that shows the fraud in mail in ballots, it should make you livid at Democrats, for thinking that they can steal the election by cheating and we will find it acceptable!

On what planet do these people reside on? The trickery, cheating that goes on, is astounding. How it has been able to get this far is beyond credulity!
After all, we pride ourselves in being leaders in technology and other fields, yet, we have a voter system that is stuck in the 19th Century!

One thing is for sure, Americans have been robbed of their free, duly elected choices for many elections. 26.8 mail in ballots from 2012-2018 elections have been discounted.

A judge in Iowa over the weekend ruled that 50,000 absentee ballots had to be tossed and resent! They were ballots that had already been filled out and just needed the voters signature, when they were supposed to be blank!

It truly is sad that I could continue with examples of fraud during our elections. It is equally sad, that one political party feels the only way they could win is by sleight of hand!