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Staffers at the Chinese Consulate in Houston, TX were spotted burning documents in the courtyard one night in July. The next day, President Trump kicked the Chinese out of Houston. Media condemnation of the president’s actions was near-universal. “That awful authoritarian Trump is provoking China by being a jerk for no good reason.” But there was a good reason. It turns out that China has been stoking the riots and unrest in American cities.

If you’ve been checking out the mugshots of the rioters in Portland, OR, some impolite questions may have come to mind: Why are they all so ugly? What’s wrong with them? Did their parents smoke a lot of meth when they were in the womb? Why are their faces and foreheads so misshapen? Why are so many of them transgender? And how are these groups of obviously insane misfits able to organize into paramilitary units to assault buildings and statues?

We already know part of the answer to that last question, thanks to Project Veritas going undercover in various Antifa groups. George Soros’ Open Society Foundation donates money to “community organizer” groups across the country. Those community organizers then disperse the money to Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other domestic terrorist groups. The strategy gives Soros a degree of separation, while providing groups of mentally ill people the cash to purchase sandwiches, Gatorade and pallets of bricks to throw at the police.Radio Free Asia has published a fascinating news story about China’s involvement with Black Lives Matter and Antifa. The American media has remained wildly incurious about the organizational structure of these terrorist groups, so we have to go to foreign news sources to learn the truth these days.

The secret police in China are known as the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The PLA has staff members embedded in basically every state-owned Chinese tech company. (And probably in most American universities as well.) One of the companies with a lot of secret police/technicians is Huawei – the tech company that President Trump has been trying to freeze out of the contracts to install 5G networks across the US.

According to Radio Free Asia, a large group of technicians from Huawei entered the United States using fake IDs a few months ago. These were secret police from the PLA and they went to work at that Chinese Consulate in Houston.

The PLA’s task was to weaponize data from a Chinese app against the United States, by using it to foment violence and riots in American cities. The app that the secret police used was TikTok.
Did a bunch of dots just connect? That’s the same app that President Trump has banned in the US. TikTok is another Chinese government-owned app that has been accused of espionage activities against the United States.

Here’s how the Chinese secret police in Houston weaponized Tik Tok against the American people this summer. The death of George Floyd and the overblown media reaction to it was the perfect seed for the PLA’s plot.
TikTok’s parent company ByteDance has created the most sophisticated Artificial Intelligence program that is publicly known to exist. The TikTok app that American teenagers use to share nose picking and funny cat videos also acts as spyware when it’s installed on a smartphone. The app collects every bit of data about the user that it can (as well as the data from every other computer and phone attached to a home or office network).
That data is then compiled on ByteDance servers so that its AI program, known as Xiaomingbot, can compile a psychological profile on all of the TikTok app’s users. The PLA in Houston then created custom videos describing how to foment a riot. You couldn’t find these videos on TikTok if you searched for them, but they were there.

And using its internal resources at TikTok, combined with the psychological profiles of the crazy basement dwellers who were most likely to participate in a BLM or Antifa riot, the PLA “pushed” those videos to those users. You know those paid ads that pop up on YouTube or in your Facebook feed? It basically worked exactly like that, but China’s “How to Stage a Riot” videos were being pushed to lonely, ugly, crazy and transgender weirdos that it knew were most likely to pick up a brick and throw it at a police car.

Another piece of the puzzle falls into place. Soros pays for the bricks. Communist China provides the training videos. And now you know why President Trump banned TikTok and kicked the Chinese out of Houston.