So, we are to believe, if we elect Joe Biden, the riots, the looting, stealing, killing will magically stop? All the so called inequalities touted by the Left, those from Antifa, BLM, will suddenly be solved?

In other words, these protests are thinly veiled in the real reason they started, they have now morphed into full blown violent protest against our government!

What Democrats are saying truly is, we hope we can hide the fact we can’t run a city without it falling into disrepair, violence and money problems.

Chicago, which NOT ONE Democrat will talk about, had over 50 shootings this past weekend and a stabbing to death of a 5 year old little girl! Did you just read that last part??? Stabbing death of a 5 year old. I still even as I write this, can’t fathom that!!!

Seattle police arrest 10 for assaulting cops, smashing windows, setting fires. All in the name of what?

How about the shocking moment a BLM organizer plows her car into crowd of Trump supporters in California?

What about ‘The Bail Project’, paying Out $26 Million, bailing out 12,000 people, including murderer, violent criminals, all in the name of ‘justice’, equal opportunity?

What about VP Candidate, Kamala Harris, calling BLM protests “essential”, 2 days after 2 Louisville cops were shot during riots in Louisville? We should praise the violence and those people who perpetrate crime, mayhem and leave destruction behind? What am I missing here?

Is anyone talking about how the money from donations going to BLM are funding Democratic Party campaigns this election? Isn’t that taking money under false pretenses? After all, what has the Democratic Party done for minorities in the last 3-4 decades? I can think of only one meaningful item. I say that with sarcasm! The 1994 Crime Bill that candidate Joe Biden co-sponsored [about the only thing he did in 40 years taking taxpayer money] and Bill Clinton, signed into law, which unfairly targets minorities with prison sentences for minor offenses that exceeds some murder convictions.

We will continue to say the violent protests are happening in cities that want to defund the police and which are run by Democrats. Those are the facts. The Left would have us use California, the American socialist experiment, for a model for the rest of this country! Bahahaha! It is a wasteland of burnt, charred nothingness, with homelessness in every nook and cranny. Dirty streets, rolling blackouts, out of sight prices for real estate, taxes and 60 cents of every gallon of gas is paid in taxes. Sure, we all want California coming to a neighborhood by us real soon! [another sarcastic comment!]

I imagine, if you like that way of life, no police, not knowing if today, you come home safe or your family, if your business will make it because of riots or looting or maybe because of forced closures due to a bio warfare thrust upon us, by China and possibly a few Americans, who help fund and pave the way for this to happen, then you should vote for Biden.