Here is the letter from the Director of National Intelligence stating Hillary Clinton’s alleged involvement in the Russian hoax.

It has come to light as well, the former President, Obama, also knew of this scheme and as we know, NO ONE stopped it from happening and wasting taxpayer money investigating bullshit.

Is this how we want our government run. When one side doesn’t get what they want, they make up crap, lie, give false statements and pay bad actors around the world to help them unseat a duly elected President.

Regardless how you feel about the President, he was elected fair and square. Americans decided they had enough of the elite politician who could articulate like a preacher, or spin a tale so convincing, you all but bow at their feet. They wanted a plain talking neophyte and that’s exactly what they got.

Let’s hope the hundreds of lawyers, some say as many as 600, who have been hired by the Biden, Democratic Camp, to challenge areas of votes that they feel they should win, will not have to bother since their will be no mistaking who wins.

It truly is Free Enterprise, Capitalism, Liberty versus Socialism, Authoritarianism!