If you crave knowledge, then research, is a very important part of that journey! There is no way one can understand, ideologies of a certain Party, person, organizations or whatever, without really looking into the aspects of what it is that makes up it’s core.
BLM is a front for multiple authoritarian ideologies. If you look deep into it’s “core”, you will see racism, a way of life that has since been extinguished in many a country, that sought to rid themselves of the hate, violence and dictatorships.
Do these poor, misguided, myopic, moronic, malcontents, really think AMERICA will stand for this kind of government?
So many brave, women, men and innocents, have died protecting our rights to freedom, free thinking, capitalism, liberty, so to think a minority of dissatisfied groups can upend what this country has built, is unfathomable.
Hate should NEVER be allowed to thrive. Those who profit from it, like the groups who preach it, along with the lawmakers, celebrities and wannabe’s, should be exposed for what they truly are…COWARDS!
Take a look/listen, then think twice!