Karen Kataline

It’s tough for good people to admit that others could be so bad.

As Democrats continue to put all their eggs in the “America is a racist country” basket, courageous black Americans are leaving the Democrat plantation in significant numbers to support Donald Trump. 

Here’s a perfect example: Ohio Democrat State Rep just went public and endorsed Trump for re-election. Why should that require courage?

It has been clear for decades that it serves the Democrat agenda for the great majority of blacks and other minorities to be dependent on government without whose “largesse” they could not survive. Minorities were just the first. This is the plan they are now expanding to impose on everyone.

Democrats therefore, have a vested interest in the narrative that black people cannot get ahead in “racist America.”  That narrative actually feeds on itself because if one believes it,   why bother trying?


Democrats viciously discount and demean highly successful blacks unless they pay lip-service to the notion that others still cannot be so successful.  See: Oprah Winfrey 

Consequently, black conservatives are among the greatest threats to the Left & the Democrat Party because they defy their narrative and actively speak out against it. The list of black conservatives who are hated or ignored is getting longer: Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Larry Elder, Herman Cain, Candace Owens and many more.

Yet, it’s still extremely difficult for good people of all colors to go that next step and acknowledge that Democrats and their strategists don’t want minorities to be successful or self-sufficient. They like it better when blacks are poor, angry and lawless.

See? it’s tough to read the preceding paragraph because it sounds so mean.  Why?  We’ve gotten to the point where it’s meaner to acknowledge the truth than the ugly truth itself.


Sadly, Democrat policies have succeeded very well in accomplishing their aims. Inner cities are filled with poverty, anger and crime and yes, they are all run by Democrats. Nevertheless,  It’s still easier to believe that they’re not deliberate–just incompetent. 

It’s a tough pill for people of good will to swallow. We don’t want to believe that so many of our fellow citizens could be so heartless on purpose.

That doesn’t mean that all Democrats are deliberate. Those who continue to stick with the Party despite these revelations and results, often do so because they want to believe that it is still the Democrat party that is compassionate, inclusive and the party of the underdog. By extension, that makes them those things too.

Like the  “wrap-up smear” the false narrative of “systemic racism” continues to create more rage, misery and yes, actual racism. Then, they inevitably lecture us about fairness, decency, civility and of course, racism.

Methinks the Party doth protest too much.