Jane Silk

Unless you swear allegiance to ANTIFA, I wouldn’t go to DC on January 17th!

There is a flyer circulating around the internet about rallies in 50 State Capitals and DC on that date!

NO ONE has claimed responsibility for these rallies and the mighty arm of social media supression bosses, fascists, wants you all to think it’s sponsored by the Trump Campaign, his fans, supporters.

Don’t know how long Facebook will keep this page up since they now want to dictate like other authoritarian platforms what you can and can’t dissent about!

Don’t really care!

Wow! Thank God I’m an optimist and think this is temporary!

Our Democratic Republic, Constitution, won’t stand for too much more of this supression, dictator like edicts, from far off the rails Lefties.

I was born in America! The land of the FREE and the BRAVE!

This is NOT our Fathers country right now, but faith, perseverance, the correct way, will, I believe prevail in the end!
Too much at stake, as we all know, where do you go if America isn’t a FREE Country?