Karen Kataline

If individuals, business owners and others would act according to their consciences, the growing number of self-appointed dictators around the country would be stripped of their de facto power.

When people stand up for their own Liberty, they are standing up for the Liberty of their fellow citizens as well. That’s actually a collectivist principle that works!

Take a look at what one California saloon is doing to stand up for Liberty:

California City Enforces Cruel Order and Cuts Power to Defiant Saloon, Then the Neighborhood Hears an Engine Fire Up

There are many more people that understand that this is tyranny but they haven’t yet shown the courage of Lucas Lepejian.

I must vehemently disagree with the author when he writes:

While the co-owner may be a bit of a provocateur and sometimes comes too close to the edge of reasonably acceptable rhetoric, the establishment’s cowboy-tough willingness to stand up to rules that are destroying the business is laudable.”

The need to appear in a good light is often what stops people from acting on their aforementioned consciences.  Reasonably acceptable rhetoric?  When does a situation reach a crisis proportion such that we must dispense with petty judgements about “rhetoric” and address the clear and growing subjugation of a country?

The price will continue to grow steeper because compliance to tyranny only brings greater tyranny.

As that compliance continues, a growing number of people will forget and some will never know what Liberty was.

I’d call that a crisis, wouldn’t you?