Thanks Captain for sending along some more of Rich’s great summaries…

Well, he had a meeting with officials from China today, and what a performance he gave! China openly laughed at him, and the Biden administration and policies, and Blinkin (who once aspired to be a pop singer) just took it, and then apologized. China actually said that we had no standing to complain – since we were so utterly “Baizuo”. That is Chinese slang for ‘foolish, woke person not connected to reality.’
So, once again, we see why history is no longer taught to our children. The world is a tough neighborhood. There is always someone who wants to take what others have. Those people look for weakness, and then they attack. Many nations, who only wanted to be left alone and to prosper as they could, discovered that others simply saw them as weak, and raided them and took all they had. Biden will cause that to happen here. And, his woke military will not be able to stop it. Of course, the real problem will be explained as ‘climate change’.
Speaking of Biden, did you see where he tripped and fell – three times – while boarding the plane? Kind of like Hillary during her last campaign. But, of course, that does not mean that Biden is old and frail, and losing it. Oh, no, not that. It was ‘climate change’, or rather, the wind that blew him over – again and again.
And, he keeps referring to Commie Kamala (aka Horizontal Harris) as president. Perhaps he knows something the party is not yet admitting.
Biden thinks he will push the Green New Deal in via the back door, as democrats are so wont to do. They cannot sell their nonsense in public, so they always resort to hiding their deals in other bills, or pushing them late at night, after everyone has gone home, or pretending that their idea is opposite of what it really is.
Look how many politicians, of both parties, have major economic ties to China. The Biden’s are owned, lock stock and barrel by China. Even Mitch McConnell is married to a Chinese woman, whose family are major business players in China. In China, if you are a big businessman, you are also totally tied to the government, and do as they tell you. So, Mitch sees his economic and household well being as tied to the well being of China. And, he is only one of many, many in congress and elsewhere. That is why they support all the stuff about censoring public opinion – because China demands it.
Judge Laurence Silberman
This judge is a Reagan appointee. He just issued a blistering statement against SCOTUS and our legal system, because they failed to prosecute Big Tech and the media for their biased and illegal censorship. Also for their laws, like NYT v Sullivan, which makes it very difficult for people to sue the media for false reporting and defamation. Won’t change things, but it is an indication of changes to come.
Meanwhile, back in the People’s Democratic Republic of Michigan
A lady named Marina, who is both a legal immigrant and business owner, spoke out on Tucker about the illegal lockdowns, etc. in her state. Governor Gretchen Whitmer is having a bad time right now. She has a lot of complaints, and is under investigation for the 5500 deaths in nursing homes caused by her orders to force infected patients back into those homes. But, how dare this mere citizen disrespect her and her orders? Before 6 am today, Gretchen sent in her Gestapo to arrest this lady, and threw her into jail, and ordered her business closed! We will tolerate no dissent or freedom in this republic!
Atlanta Spa murders
Who you gonna believe? The shooter, or left wing pundits like Trevor Noah? The killer said these were not racially motivated, but driven by his sex addiction. Noah insists that they were indeed racial, but the killer does not know that yet. Oh, well…….
Aaron Kindsvatter
This man is a professor at University of Maryland. It is sacrilege, on liberal college campus settings, to question the narrative of the day. Aaron noted the strong anti-white sentiments being presented, and said that was also racist. “Crucify him!” Screamed the mob. He must be silenced, and fired, and harmed forever for daring to question the obvious.
The French Revolution
This is much loved on the left. The French were sure they could do social engineering at the point of a sword. So, they changed everything. Church was replaced by ‘Reason’, and priests murdered. The week went from seven days to ten. Everyone had to use politically correct terms to speak with each other. Any dissent was denounced, and 600,000 people were murdered – off with their heads – in less than two years. In time, this thing drowned in its own blood letting. But, they were woke.
Our left is trying to do the same. The goal is to destroy all aspects of our successful civilization, so that they can reengineer it to their liking. It will also fail, but not before they do a lot of harm.
A house divided against itself cannot stand.