Karen Kataline 

How gullible must a person be to believe that it is racist to require every citizen to show a photo ID to vote?

The media is “trumping up” another boycott by suggesting that people are furious at Georgia’s recent new legislation that requires exactly that.

Headline: Calls Mount To Boycott Coca-Cola After Home State Of Georgia Strangles Voting Rights

Apparently, the recent news that Coca-cola held blatantly racist “diversity training” for its employees telling them to be “less white” wasn’t enough. Now they have to be boycotted for originating in the same state as this supposedly offensive legislation. “Woke” of course, is never woke enough.

The media abandoned the journalistic tradition of reporting what is actually happening a long time ago. They try and often succeed at making something happen by reporting that people are already doing it. The assumption is that you too, must get on the bandwagon, especially without asking where the wagon is going.

You’re also supposed to accept their conclusion that Georgia is “strangling voting rights without asking how this legislation does that. In fact, they’d prefer if you never asked what it does at all. Just read that headline, accept their silly premise and move on to outrage.

Here’s another headline telling you what and how to think:
Georgia Republicans Pass Sweeping Voter Restrictions

If one believes that requiring a photo ID to vote is racist, doesn’t that mean they believe black people and other minorities are too dumb to get one? Can anyone get on a plane, get a bank account, buy alcohol, adopt a pet or get a job without a photo ID? Has anyone ever complained that it was too difficult to get a photo ID in this country? Look at where the real racism is coming from and what many Liberals think of the people they profess to care so much about.

Meanwhile as always, we must ask WHY? Why is the Left willing to perpetuate such a ridiculous narrative to stop people from having to identify themselves to vote? Could it be for the same reason they want to censor and shut up anyone who thinks Donald Trump was robbed of a second term by massive voter fraud? Did Republicans ever try to shut up and shame Democrats for continuing to think Al Gore was robbed even though the case was adjudicated all the way up to the Supreme Court?

Funny how there was virtually no intellectual curiosity among the party elite and the deep state about the hundreds of signed affidavits testifying to massive and systemic voter fraud. Funny how the Georgia legislation is designed to address exactly that.

We are constantly being given a blueprint of what to do and how to pursue the truth by what the propaganda media and the Left doesn’t want us to see, know or question. Let’s follow that blueprint.

In this case, let’s call this what it is. It’s racist to think that requiring a photo ID to vote is racist.