Karen Kataline

The propaganda arm of the Democratic party (the ‘mainstream’ media) is making a major to-do out of the rift between Joe Biden and his party over Joe’s supposed statements of support for Israel: Israel has a right to defend itself.”

Doesn’t that mean the party doesn’t believe Israel has a right to defend herself, or really, to exist at all?  Yep, that’s exactly what it means. But don’t believe Joe Biden either.

With the media reliably in their back pocket, why would Leftist strategists want the public to know that there’s a rift in the Democratic party?

For one reason, they want to give the impression that Biden has a mind of his own. (See: The Presidential Potted Plant)

While Biden did show rhetorical support for Israel as a much younger politician, there’s no reason to believe that’s true now, anymore than one could believe that he wrote, or even read the 106 executive actions he issued in his first 100 days.

It’s an open secret that the hard Left has been calling the shots in this administration and will continue to do so.

Second, while too many Jews don’t care very much about Israel, there are still some who are naive enough to believe that the Democratic party and their media allies have not become anti-Jewish and Anti-Israel. Those Jews will feel superficially relieved by pointing to Joe Biden.

Democrats care less than ever about what voters want or think, so why should they care about a minuscule number of Jewish votes?  What they care about, is the substantial Jewish influence in the upper echelons of their party.

Most are already Liberals first and Jews maybe twelfth, but occasionally they remember that rabid Jew-haters will never care how much they try to prove their loyalty. They’re still Jews. (So much for the feigned anti-bigotry of the Left.)

The latest Middle East conflict appears to have been orchestrated. It began as if on cue, complete with familiar and petty excuses to begin firing rockets into Israel once again.

Death toll comparisons are then used to claim a “lop-sided victory” to show Israel as the aggressor in the Middle East. The fact that terrorist groups make a practice of using their own people as cannon fodder in the propaganda war and hide weapons under hospitals and schools is assiduously avoided.

Next, come the familiar calls for Israel to back off and stop using its superior fire power to protect its own citizens. It’s easier to keep the war going when you continue to shame the stronger side into standing down.

So, if the war was orchestrated, why now?  
The current bunch in charge wants people to forget as quickly as possible that Trump’s policies offered realistic hope that peace could be achieved in the Middle East. Call this another “reset” if you like.

Trump’s brilliant strategy was to side-step the super powers that have long used perpetual war in the Middle East as a proxy for their own conflicts between one another.

In his excellent piece, Why Biden wants a war in Israel Daniel Greenfield writes:

The Trump administration overturned conventional wisdom by recognizing that the terrorists, who had repeatedly rejected and sabotaged peace negotiations for two generations, not the Israelis, who had shown up for every bad faith attempt at negotiations, were the problem.

It seems clear that Biden does indeed want a war in Israel but if so, how could he also be a supporter of Israel?  He isn’t.

Perhaps the only thing about which I disagree with Greenfield is that Biden had anything to do with his stated position in the first place.