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Spring Lake, NC

Dwayne Haynesworth owns an auto repair shop. After having it vandalized several times by persons unknown, spraying racist graffiti and smashing windows on cars, he installed cameras to see if he could catch the bad guys. Sure enough, he caught several young black males doing the deed, as cover for their efforts to steal cars or contents. Police came, looked, but did not take fingerprints. Guess they already knew who the bad guys were.


These folks have only one foot on terra firma, most of the time. But, their latest is a doozy. Apparently, the January 6 events in DC were ‘a thousand times worse than 911’. Let’s see, now, on 911, nearly 3000 people died, and the twin towers came down, and the Pentagon was struck and severely damaged, and four airplanes, and all aboard them, crashed and died. A thousand times worse than that would mean 3,000,000 people dead, 4000 planes destroyed, and 2500 buildings destroyed, at least.

But, here is the rub. No buildings were destroyed. A few windows were broken. Three or four people died of medical conditions, and one was murdered by a Capitol Police Officer (said to be a large man, from Brazil). Could we be seeing some slight exaggeration here? Perhaps for political gain, among the less well educated among us?


Seems that Sasha, the BLM activist, was shot by four young black men. How ironic. Still not clear if she was a target, or just caught in the midst of a gang war.

Rand Paul

Cheers rang out in congress when his proposed legislation passed. It bans ‘gain of function’ research in China, using taxpayer money. Fauci, as you recalled, denied that such happened, and that he knew anything about it. But, curse the luck, those pesky facts keep leaking out that he not only knew about it, but was the source of this work. Fauci is not your friend. And, you certainly do not want him as your doctor.


He is on a roll. Seems he has hired Islamic activists, who hate America, to ‘investigate extremism’ in the military. Better lock the henhouse, Farmer Jim, the foxes are coming.

He has also banned 12 GOP congressmen from entering and investigating the El Paso Intelligence Center, which monitors border crossings. Guess there is something Biden and friends do not want the rest of us to know about that border.


Well, we may be closer to knowing why Gretchen made that great deal with her head of Health Services, as he scurried under a rock. It appears that the death rate in nursing homes from Gretchen’s lockdown, with positive patients forced into those homes, as in NYC, may be double the 5500 or so reported. It appears that it was ‘too difficult’ to find where thousands of people who died actually lived. Of course, it took an outsider about eight seconds to look up each patient and learn that fact. But, Gretchen, using half a billion of our tax dollars, could not seem to do that herself. Cover up? What cover up? Trust us, have we ever lied to you? Okay, yes, we have. But it was for your own good.

Looks like the fan is turning, and stuff is in the air….