Karen Kataline

There are plenty of ridiculous conspiracy theories, (Has Elvis ever left the building?) but when the Left rushes to label any criticism direct at them as one of them, it’s best not to reject it out of hand.

After more than a year, emails obtained by FOIA requests show that “conspiracy theories” about Anthony Fauci’s connection to the communist Chinese and the Wuhan Lab weren’t conspiracy theories at all:

Read Dr. Fauci’s emails exposing what he knew about the virus from day 1

What took so long?  -and why is anyone still listening to this corrupt, and dangerous little man?

For that matter, why is he still drawing a $434,312.00 salary from the US taxpayer?  In 2020, he is alleged to have earned over 9 million dollars of ‘miscellaneous income.’ .

If the Left ever throws Fauci under the bus, it’ll be easy to tell. Their propaganda media will simply stop ignoring the story.

Now, more than ever, news is used to justify rather than create the Left’s pre-planned agenda. If a story doesn’t exist to suit their purpose, they will simply create one. Then, they obsessively report it hoping you will obsess over it too. On the other hand, a huge story could be staring them in the face and they will ignore it completely if it contradicts that agenda.

Remember when people were called “conspiracy theorists” when they feared that ‘Obamacare’ was socialized medicine, or would lead to socialism itself?  Some, like Sarah Palin warned of full blown medical tyranny.

Twelve years later, no one is laughing about medical tyranny. The revelations about Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has done more than almost anyone to speed us on the road to Sarah Palin’s greatest fears, is but the latest example of a conspiracy theory that turned out to be true.

Someone owes Sarah Palin an apology.