From Silk Or Joe Co-Host Joe-
I see the activists are being proactive in making sure no one else out-crazies them. These anarchist nutcases at Total Recall PAC say in this letter that Portland police, who have allowed these activists to riot nonstop for over a year now, are “out of control”. Get that? The activists are saying police not stopping them isn’t enough, that police should somehow be less in the way of the riots. At this point the only way the police could be less in the way of these activists is if they started handing them guns and joining in the destruction that Total Recall PAC wants to be legalized!
Since when does turning a city into a fireball constitute reparations or indicate support of Black Lives Matter anyway? If you had an aerial view of the buildings they burn or if you mapped out the buildings they loot, does it spell “BLM”? And by the way, Total Recall PAC, if looting is your definition of “reparations” then the Ku Klux Klan is in agreement. If destroying Black communities and making people too scared to even open a store there again constitutes helping society, then the Ku Klux Klan is also in agreement. What are you gonna do next, institute Jim Crow laws while claiming it’s to make elections fair for Blacks?