Back in the days of the Old Testament, Samson was quite a problem for the Philistines. He really upset them by killing a thousand with the jawbone of an ass (he could have been a politician!), tearing gates off of cities, and generally wrecking havoc among those folks. When he was finally captured, imprisoned and humiliated, he still had one last move, knocking down the supports to their temple, causing it to fall and killing a lot of people.

As happy as his enemies were to see him go, they just did not realize that his death made him a martyr in the eyes of many, and suddenly, there were many thorns in their sides, not just Samson.

Kind of like todays left – watch them chuckle as they think they are winning.

Peter Navarro

You may remember this man as a former adviser to Trump. He has made a statement that CNN and Fauci ‘have blood on their hands’ for their handling of HCQ in treating Covid. Yet another study has shown that people treated with HCQ doubled their survival chances, even if they were on a ventilator. This has also been validated by studies in other nations, like Germany, France and Canada.

As an aside, deaths from all vaccines in use from 1997 to 2020 totaled about 2500. That is over a period of years and years. Deaths associated with the current vaccinations, in use for about six months or so, so far total over 5000, just in the US. Keep that in mind when you hear all the smooth propaganda telling you how wonderful and safe these vaccines are.

Jeffrey Tobin

This guy was a ‘legal analyst’ for CNN, who was fired and kicked off the air (but still paid) after being caught masturbating on a Zoom call business meeting. Well, ‘he’s back’…yep, a triumphal return to CNN. Really, is there any degree of perversion that CNN will not support? Did anyone notice that their audience has fallen 80% during prime time, since Trump left? With no Trump to bash, they have nothing left to talk about.

North Carolina

Their first black governor, Mark Robinson, has told the GOP to ‘stand up and fight for freedom’, or the left will take it away.

New York

Big hockey game between the local team, “Islanders”, and the ‘Boston Bruins’. Nicole Ravio, an entertainer, sang the National Anthem before the game, as she has for many games. But, this time, everyone in the Nassau Coliseum stood up and sang it with her. It was an awesome video. That was 13,000 fans, singing this together. Even Nicole, who has performed before many games, was impressed.
By the way, the Islanders won. 6-2.

G-7 Summit

Joe is supposed to be doing this show and tell. But, perhaps he was taking a nap, or something, as his presentation was being prepared by Jill. When questioned by the press ‘Where’s Joe’, the leftist handlers got very excited, and upset. Nothing to see here, folks, move along…


A 34 year old pregnant woman was walking in daylight with her other small child, in a part of town where that may not have been a good idea, even in daytime. A stranger, later identified as homeless man Christopher Jones, approached her, tried to engage in conversation, then stabbed this lady. Christopher had a history of mental illness. The woman was in bad shape, but will survive. Her baby was delivered by emergency C-section, and will require hospitalization for a long time, but will be okay.

“We Want to Buy Your House”

Okay, we all get calls and letters all the time on this line. Recently, this has progressed to the level of robocalls. So, what is going on? Saw on the news today that big investment firms are trying to buy out entire neighborhoods. They want to displace homeowners, and turn these homes into rental properties. Looks like they enlist the help of local real estate companies as fronts. Homeowners have a stake in their community, and are a stabilizing influence. But, can you hear the siren song of money talking? And with it, people will own less, and be dependent on big companies for survival. Sellers right now are doing great – home prices are soaring, for now, and people can get far above asking price for a quick flip.


They are sending two warships to make a port visit in South America, likely to Venezuela. They are also delivering seven ‘fast attack boats’, like those which have harassed shipping in their home waters. Iran has at least 400 of these boats, and they are used in ‘swarm attacks’ against US vessels, and others. When they did this during Trump’s time – he gave blanket orders to our naval commanders to attack and sink these craft. And, what do you know, the harassment ended right there. How will Biden fare on this test of his will?

Bryan Donalds (R-FL)

This congressman was denied membership in the Congressional Black Caucus, which he has asked to join. It cannot be because ‘he is a racist’, since he is black. Perhaps it is because he is a republican, or a conservative. The thick plot thickens…..

Wasn’t that fun, boys and girls? Stay tuned…