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A Concise, Relevant, and Important Commentary for ALL AMERICANS!
The Russian Climate and Astro-Physics Scientists have been predicting for several years now that we will undergo a Mini-Ice Age in some 12 to 15 years from now because of a predictable periodic lack of sun spots and inactivity during which our normal dosage of solar radiant energy significantly decreases. The non-scientific Progressive Socialist Ideologues [i.e., AOL et al.] are predicting that our planet will burn up in the same time frame due to human CO2 emissions if we do nothing! Their solution is their URGENT GREEN NEW DEAL that my friend Charlie so well outlined in his commentary below. I vote with the Russians. They are excellent scientists. We will need every ounce of carbon fuels to survive the UPCOMING mini-Ice Age!!! So what is the Biden Administration doing?
“Gasoline is up over $1 a gallon because Biden is cutting pipelines and ending drilling leases. That’s O.K. too because everyone will buy electric cars and trucks. We’ll have clean air even though China and India are burning more coal.” jbt.
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Mini-ice-ages – Image Results
Trump had a plan for this country, and it was a good one – cut taxes and reduce regulations to stimulate the economy, increase fracking to produce more natural gas and oil and make this country energy independent, build the wall on our southern border and take other steps to prevent illegal immigrants, drugs and drug traffickers, and criminals from entering the U.S., make immigration merit-based, take steps to prevent China from stealing our intellectual property, and impose tariffs to reduce the trade imbalance, etc. In other words, Make American Great Again.

The Democrats couldn’t stand it, and they fought every day to stop Trump from being successful – investigations, trials, impeachment twice, etc. Then China released the Covid Virus which they manufactured in Wuhan with money supplied by Dr. Fauci. Did they create it as a military weapon to use against us? They certainly spread it to the U.S. and other countries around the world while, and at the same time they prevented it from getting into other parts of China. Then, to make sure that Trump couldn’t win reelection in 2020 the Democrats had a plan. They flooded the country with ballots to make cheating easy. Then they harvested a lot of those ballots, controlled the vote counting in the big cities run by Democrats, and it appears that they also rigged the vote counting machines to make sure that Biden got more votes than Trump in those big cities. They had accomplices with huge amounts of money from Silicon Valley to Hollywood and overseas, and they had media solidly on their side, even with Fox News calling Arizona for Biden early on election night. It was a massive fraud perpetrated on the American people and this country.

Now Biden thinks everything is hunky-dory. He gets to sleep in the White House, minus his dogs that he had to send back to Delaware. The toughest questions he gets from the media are what flavor of ice cream he is enjoying in his cones today? And he says the biggest threat the country faces is racism from white Republican men. Meanwhile thousands of illegal immigrants, children, criminals, and drugs are flooding across our southern border. But that’s O.K. because they will all vote Democrat. Kamala is in charge of that problem, and she doesn’t have to go there because she can manage it from her desk in DC. Besides that, DHS Secretary Mayorkas says “the border is closed.” Problem solved. Gasoline is up over $1 a gallon because Biden is cutting pipelines and ending drilling leases. That’s O.K. too because everyone will buy electric cars and trucks. We’ll have clean air even though China and India are burning more coal. Kamala tells USNA grads the biggest problem facing them is climate change. Perhaps we can go to electric ships too? The price of everything from food to lumber is rapidly going up, and it now costs $38,000 more to build the average new home. That’s not a problem because we’ll just print more money. All is well, so Biden can now go back to sleep.

It reminds me of when I was on a diesel sub operating from the U.S. Navy base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, back in 1973. After a day of acting as a target to train surface ships to hunt submarines, we would retire to the BOQ, and each night we would play this song on the jukebox there – Ray Stevens – “Everything Is Beautiful” [50th Anniversary Edition] (Music Video) – YouTube