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A lady named Yeonmi Park was born in North Korea. At age 13, she and her mother escaped, and traveled across the vast, freezing and dangerous Gobi Desert to get to freedom. She had been subjected to sex slavery (did you know that there are more actual slaves in the world today than at any time in all recorded history? And, sex slaves are a major portion of those. Economic slaves are also common. Where are all those pundits seeking redress for slavery?) At first, she settled in South Korea, and later traveled to the US and attended university. But all was not as advertised. She said that universities started brainwashing from the moment of registration. Hating America and especially white people was the major theme. She noted that North Korea was crazy, but this was worse. And, she warned that if we allow this to continue, the US will become North Korea.
Speaking of Racism…
Today, a young man in Georgia decided to shoot some white people. Justin Tyrone Roberts ended up shooting five, across two states, before he was caught. Seems he actually bought into all that stuff about how all whites are racists, and he was oppressed, a victim, and deserved reparations and cash. Of course, this barely got any mention in the mainstream news. Had this man been white, we would have riots in the streets tonight.
Remember the story about the community of Buckhead, here in Atlanta? A man was out jogging, when a total stranger pulled up alongside of him and shot him twice. Again, it turned out to be a young black man who just did not like white people. For this to happen in broad daylight in an affluent part of Atlanta is just too much. That is why Buckhead wants to leave and become independent. When government does not do its job, people have a right, even a duty, to fix it or depart. Since Buckhead, which is just one of dozens and dozens of communities in this area, pays about 20% of all city taxes, you can bet they have the undivided attention of the city. Politicians refuse to do their duty, but the city still wants money. If the crime problem is not addressed, property values in Buckhead will plummet, and business will move elsewhere, as will residents. There is a lot at stake.
And, in spite of all these stories, and more, Biden again stood up today and announced that ‘white supremacists’ are the major threat to the nation. He has made it clear that all federal law enforcement will concentrate on finding and arresting all such folks. Like those ‘trespassers’ from January 6, who are still confined in solitary, while no actual rioters, who killed, burned and looted, have been jailed or tried.
Revolver News
This is an actual news source on the internet, not the Lamestream Media. They did quite an investigation, and discovered some interesting things about January 6, and other events. They noticed that official FBI reports kept referring to ‘Person 1, Person 2, and Person 3’. These people were not identified by name, but were listed as ‘unindicted co-conspirators’ in January 6 events. They were described as organizing, and leading the disruptions. Yet, none are arrested or jailed. Then, there were references to undercover FBI agents, and various informers and facilitators working the crowds that day.
What Revolver learned is that the FBI, and other agencies, actually assisted this ‘riot’. They did not just observe and report, but were participants. It is not clear if the man who shot Asley Babbitt was one of them, or not. Yet, he has not been identified, or charged, yet.
It would appear that federal law enforcement is working to create a narrative of evil white supremacists under every bed, then acting out their fantasies. This is the stuff of Stalin’s Russia, or Hitler’s Reich. We are on a fast track to anarchary.
Babylon Bee
You have seen some of the articles they produce. They are the ‘Mad Magazine’ of the digital age, with biting satire on current events. The NYT described them as ‘spreading disinformation under the guise of satire’ and other ugly comments. So, the Bee sued the NYT. They called this an attempt to silence them, and destroy their audience, and get them kicked off media, and it was all false. The Times actually retracted, and corrected, all they said, and published apologies. See, we can beat the media giants.
Fox News
Reporter Ivory Hecker was a general reporter and fill in on a local station. As she was doing the weather report, she went off script and said that management was ‘muzzling’ her, and many others. There were some stories we just do not talk about or report, understand? As others have done before her, she secretly recorded some of these encounters and turned them over to Project Veritas. You remember them? They broke stories on abortion clinics, and Kamala Harris tried to prosecute them for threatening Planned Parenthood and their baby parts for money scams. They have hit stinging blows on many left-wing projects and evil doings. I am surprised that these kids (not so young now, they were teens when they started doing this) have not developed a fatal case of Arkanicide.
So, boys and girls, we see examples from all over that the narrative is collapsing, and people are waking up (as opposed to woke) and fighting back – a success here, another there, and soon, there will be massive rebellion from the actual citizens of this nation. Just wait till the results of the Arizona ballot audit hit the front pages! I hear that they found a lot of interesting things – no wonder the left sent in hundreds of lawyers, and did all manner of other things, even to recruit the US Attorney General to help their cause. Things are getting lively…