Karen Kataline

Britney Spears is 39 years old and is still under the thumb of her father. Her life has not been her own for the last 13 years since she has been under a conservatorship so strict that she is not allowed to marry or have kids without permission.

Rarely is a conservatee so high-functioning that she performs sold-out concerts all over the world, but she is still on an allowance and is prevented from enjoying the fruits of her own labor.

Is it beyond the realm of possibility that she is being exploited and controlled for the enormous amount of money she earns? If so, that would be indentured servitude.

If she is so disabled, why do they force her to work against her will?  Could that head-shaving incident of so many years ago have been an act of either conscious or unconscious rebellion?  Deface the product and you stop the gravy train.

If people in Hollywood were regularly stripped of their freedom because of drug use or episodes of erratic behavior, all of Beverly Hills would be controlled by conservators. (Maybe much of it is.)

Wherever there’s enough power and money to be made, greedy busybodies come out of the woodwork and regularly claim, “I’m concerned about you!” to cover their true intent. That isn’t to say altruism doesn’t exist but it rarely seeks anything in return and most often, seeks anonymity.

I’m always fascinated by the moment when people break free, either physically or psychologically. Although we don’t know what precipitated it, Spears finally mustered up the courage to go public and appeal to her loyal audience. As a result of standing up for herself, there is now a growing movement to #FreeBritney.

Rose McGowan requested time on Fox News with Tucker Carlson to talk about Spears’ case and to call for the end of her conservatorship.

Meghan McCain was so moved by Britney Spears’ plight that she said this: (via a Fox News Story)

“She is being forced to work against her will. She is being forced to be put on medication as extreme as lithium, which can do long-term damage to her brain because she didn’t need it. She is not allowed to have agency over her body, over her reproductive rights, and she is ostensibly being kept as a slave, and working as a slave for her family and these conservators,” she added.”

Does any of this sound familiar?  McCain’s description sounds a lot like the hubris of today’s Left and their perpetual attempts to gain increasing control over our lives. They have been doing this for decades under the guise of faux compassion and cries of “I’m concerned about you.”

The loss of Liberty touches some people when they see it in one situation but not so much in others. Britney isn’t the only adult over the age of 21 who needs to be liberated. So do the American People.

By identifying with the case of Britney Spears, will Hollywood and the Left (90% the same thing) stop engaging in or buying the disingenuous virtue-signaling that so often covers up raw power grabs?

Maybe not, but the pop culture has given us another great opportunity to give it our best shot.

If you’re appalled by the enslavement of Britney Spears, maybe you’ll stop enabling the radical Left’s constant and growing attempts to enslave you.