Jane Silk

Thank you Boris Becker for speaking out against those who want the money and the fame but don’t want to work for it!

I am NOT in the least disparaging anyone with Mental Illness, so let’s get that straight! We know how SO many folks like to take what others say and lie or distort the words! Mine, here, now, is what I mean!

Naomi Osaka can’t have her cake and eat it as well! Not at least, without being called out on it!

It was OK last year for her to have press conferences, with her masks, that had BLM emblazoned on it, or George Floyd or another political statement. She played the games with those masks, spoke to press, but, now, it’s too much!?

I guess she feels, this year, there is nothing to protest about, so she can decide not to play and happily spend the $44 million she made, just last year alone.

Naomi will play in the Olympics in her home country of Japan. “Osaka had dual citizenship but under Japanese law was technically required to choose one nationality when she turned 22, though authorities in Japan have been known to turn a blind eye to dual nationals in some circumstances”.

She decided to play for the Japanese tennis association because they offered her more incentives. There aren’t as many women players from Japan as there are from the US.