Thank goodness there are 100+ million Americans that know we have an illegitimate government!
The fight will continue to prove 2020 was a big, fat, fraud, a bloodless coup. There are those working tirelessly to make sure 2022 and beyond will be fair and free!
And screw ALL those who think we are racist for wanting voter ID’s when it comes to voting! Why not call over 180 countries around the world and it’s people racist, as they too demand LEGITIMATE citizens only vote!
You have to show ID to open a bank account. Buy a gun. Buy a car. Get a mobile phone. Rent an apartment, stay in a hotel. Buy a house. Buy cigarettes or alcohol, if you look young for your age! Heck, you have to show ID when you want Food Stamps or any government hand out!
So how does ID to vote unfairly target the low income, minorities?