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California Riots

You saw the article on the disturbances at the WI Spa, when staff allowed (by law) a biological male to use the woman’s area, and was walking around naked. This did not go over well with the women, and at least one complained, loudly. This sparked demonstrations for and against, outside the spa. Those got ugly, with the militant ‘trans’ supporters attacking and beating up those who opposed this kind of thing.

Imagine, if you will, what might have happened if police actually showed up to control the crowds. They did not. They were kept blocks away, ensuring that this would get out of control. Okay, so what is the public to do? Well, the left wants violence, to give them an excuse to crack down on those evil conservatives, Christians, and republicans. But, just imagine if, like in all those movies, the angry and violent demonstrators suddenly noticed a group of ‘dancing red dots’ on their persons. Those would mark the impact points of the shots fired. Perhaps they might have calmed down a little, resorted to polite disagreement, or even left the scene. Or, perhaps, there would be an ugly shootout with massive repercussions.

Kristie Alley

This actress has become quite outspoken of late. Her latest is to warn us that the media is working to get us to accept pedophilia, via Hollywood and more. She is right, but the left has come out viciously against her for even suggesting that. A sure sign that she is right.


A motorcyclist was ‘splitting lanes’ to get through traffic faster. This means the rider was traveling between the lanes of cars, basically riding the lines in the road. A very dangerous practice, especially if someone does not see the bike, and changes lanes. Which is exactly what happened. The biker dodged the SUV that changed lanes, then sped ahead, stopped sideways in the lane, and came at the driver of the SUV with a drawn handgun. But, the biker picked the wrong driver, as the old commercial used to say. The SUV driver also had a gun, and when the biker refused to back down and leave, he shot and killed the biker. So far, no charges on the driver.


Okay, it is all around us, and more appears daily. Why, one would think our whole world is made of concrete. And, you would not be far wrong. We are nearing the point where the weight of concrete exceeds the weight of all life on the planet. More than all the people, more than all the animals, more than all the trees and bushes. Maybe that is the cause of the fake ‘global warming’ – too much concrete soaking up all those sunshine rays, and reflecting them back.


While Jen Psaki keeps trying to spin this as no big deal, the reality is that 22 staffers have filed complaints about our VP * person for the hostile, confused and chaotic work environment in her office. Seems Kamala cannot organize anything, or get anything done. Maybe we should keep the Biden prop around a little longer, till we can find someone who can walk and chew gum.


Democrats there pushed for a law that demanded political parties (at least republicans) disclose all their donors, so they could be doxxed by the left. The Supreme Court actually heard the case, and ruled it unconstitutional. A minor victory for privacy and choice.

Allen West

This former army colonel has announced that he will seek the job of governor of Texas in 2022. That is a good thing.

Keystone XL Pipeline

Biden’s (or, rather Obama’s) first act in his new job was to cancel this project, again. After all, his big donor and friend, Warren Buffet would lose $1.5 billion a year, if he could not move that oil via his choo-choo and truck lines. Not only did this badly affect the US economy, but also Canada, where the line originates. So, the pipeline company has sued Biden for $15 billion in damages. It will probably be tossed as a side effect of climate change, not political payoffs.

Solar Flares

A few days ago, we had the most massive solar flares we have seen in years. I was on the road when one occured, and there was a snapping sound and my radio went off. Good thing it did not shut down all the electronics in the car, or we would all be stranded to this day.

Coors Beer

Okay, Smokey and the Bandit are not moving a truckload of this east right now. But, Coors is looking to tap another new market for ads. Yes, boys and girls, you are to be targeted IN YOUR SLEEP. Coors is doing a test, where subjects are shown a video featuring their beer, and then given ‘soothing music’ to sleep with, which just happens to contain subliminal messages to encourage you to buy Coors beer. However this works, you can bet others will also try it, probably without your knowledge. Alexia, did you hear and understand that?

Holiday Shootings

Well, people made up for not being able to celebrate the 4th of July last year. Nationwide, there were more than 400 shootings over the weekend, with 150 deaths. Chicago outdid itself, again. More than 80 shootings, and 14 deaths. Lori is sure crime is down, however, so she is not worried.


Their military has offered up a three step program to retake Taiwan. Step One – Attack Taiwan military bases. (When I visited there, years ago, bases were scattered all over the place, and hidden in fields. Ships and airplanes were stored in caves in the mountains on the island.). Step Two – launch cruise missile attacks on infrastructure targets. Step Three – Bombard cities and towns from the sea by the Chinese navy.

Japan has joined Taiwan in saying ‘Go ahead, make my day’. We are also supposed to help, but you cannot count on Biden to honor that. War is coming, be sure of that.


All these changes have created another oil crisis for those nations. They are meeting to decide how to react. Cut production? Change prices? No one knows, yet, but nothing looks promising.

Kennesaw, GA

Someone went to a golf course here, and shot dead three people, one of which was a pro golfer, and another was a manager of the course. This is very rare in that community, as everyone is armed, by law.


The sinking condo has been demolished by explosives. So far, 27 are known dead. Many more missing.

Second Amendment

Twenty two states have petitioned the Supreme Court to uphold the Second Amendment, and stop all this left wing nonsense about gun control. California is not among those states.


The home of robo callers who are very concerned about the extended warranty on your car has a new scam. Fake Covid vaccinations. Crooks set up sites, and charged a fee for vaccinations, which turned out to be nothing more than a mild saline solution. Crooks can be so creative.