Thanks Rich for this report of what’s going on…
GOP lawmakers there have repealed the ‘Emergency Powers’ act that Gretchen has been using to rule by edict, without consulting the legislature, etc. Since this was done by a grassroots effort, led by the group ‘Unlock Michigan’, and not through the legislature, Gretchen cannot veto it, and so it becomes law, in spite of her objections. She will still try to do a work around, however, just as she did before.
Hitler did exactly the same thing. Using the Reichstag fire as an excuse, he asked for and got, ’emergency powers’. Then, he declared himself supreme ruler, closed all political parties, shut down the unions, and then went after the people, starting with their free speech and weapons. And that was just the start of his ambitions….
These emergency powers were declared unconstitutional by the state courts back in October, but Gretchen, like all others addicted to power, ignored the courts. There is another state law she can call on, so this battle will continue – but she is losing.
Are you watching this, Gavin Newsome? What is happening in Michigan will soon be happening in California – and your family reign of 80 years (along with that of Pelosi and the Getty family) will come to a crashing end.
Speaking of Gretchen…
Remember the plot to ‘kidnap’ her, back before the election? We heard that this, like the January 6 events, was actually done with FBI help. Lots of informants, and people encouraged (i.e. entrapped) by the FBI to try this, only to be foiled. In other words, it was not done by opponents of Gretchen, but was a set up by the FBI, to create the illusion of opposition. Just like January 6.
January 6
Well, the Pelosi witch hunt is underway. There were five republicans on her ‘committee’, but Nancy took exception to Jim Jordan, and Jim Banks. They were known to ask the wrong questions about ‘the greatest threat to our democracy since the civil war’. Things like why did Nancy (who actually has control over the Capitol Police) refused their many requests for additional security for the Capitol Building, when they knew that protests were coming, and even after people were entering the building. Questions like: which policeman shot and killed Ashli Babbit? Why did officers invite people into the building, and then claim they were trespassing? And, why are people still in solitary confinement, months after the fact, with no ‘speedy trial’ as required by law, and in some cases, not even charged? Not one of whom was armed, or dangerous.
Well, Jim Jordan and Jim Banks were ‘fired’, so Mitch McConnell (Actually House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy – CAP) pulled the other republicans off the committee – no show trials for you, Nancy. Liz Chenney wants to stay. Of course, she is a rabid Trump hater, not an actual republican, so she won’t count for much. Nancy for her part is seething with hate for all things Trump, and this will come out as she conducts this new dog and pony show. Someone please give her a shovel, so she can dig her own pit.
The freedom demonstrations are still going on, loud and clear. But, unlike Antifa and BLM events, these are actually peaceful. No beat downs, no looting, no burning buildings. And no Biden. He does not know what to do, and his support team is in a quandary. They have no good options, and have already come out in favor of the Communist Government, not the freedom loving, American flag waving people. This one is getting more and more difficult to spin away.
More bad news for Biden
He got caught using the Department of Education to promote racist CRT policies in schools. When they got caught, they said that those parts of their program were included ‘in error’. They also claim to believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.