Did you know…I’m sure you didn’t read it anywhere. But just know and it is out there for everyone to know, Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden as well as many in our government and Capitol Hill are paid by the Chinese to do their bidding. They want to be the SUPER power in the world!
27 Air Force active duty officer fighter pilots of the very advanced “F-22
stealth Raptor” have resigned over the killer vaccine mandate. The exodus
began 90 mins after being told it was mandatory. I told you, pilots are
The Biden Regime, has said they know there will be lawsuits against the vaccine mandate and it violates the 4th Amendment, but they don’t care!
Another 12 pilots from 1st Fighter Wing, Joint Base Langley resigned. A
day later 15 pilots from the 2nd Bomb Wing, Barksdale, LA gone.
It costs millions and years to train fighter pilots and the nation’s
defense forces can’t afford to lose them. One must be physically fit and highly
intelligent to fly these (or any other aircraft) and they are trying to
tell the nation something is seriously wrong with the vaccine.
Its entirely likely that the ReZident Biden’s crew are in fact doing what China
orders them to do and getting rid of our military makes sense to the CCP.
Leaving everyone and everything in Afghanistan is very likely another
Chinese demand.