Karen Kataline

If you’re looking for the best reason to oppose the legalization of marijuana, take a look at this:

Pot Industry in California on Verge of Collapse
For years, limited government supporters cite an on-going joke which is based in the truth. The government couldn’t even make a go of running a brothel.

Libertarians have supported the legalization of marijuana forever, but it has proven to massively grow the very government they have always been so adamant about limiting.

We were promised that the legalization of pot would get rid of the black market, but because of government greed, we have both–the black market and big government.

Any Libertarian will tell you that the bigger the government, the less liberty for all. Or, as Dennis Prager says, “The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.”

In states where marijuana is legal, roads are less safe and stoned people care much less about protecting their own liberty (and yours) than about getting their next bag of Cheetos. Doesn’t that serve the interests of the same government that now richly benefits from the marijuana business in the first place?

Today’s out-of-control government has already displayed its vested interest in growing our addiction to government itself. Now that we have seen the real-life consequences, the legalization of marijuana fits perfectly into that plan.

Even before the travesty of mandatory vaccines, the government has emerged as the biggest drug pusher of all.