California, the social experiment that has gone horribly wrong, with no one on the left willing to admit it. It is Trillions of dollars in debt, hoping the taxpayer in California and the rest of the US will help them pay off.
The laws are regressive and normal people are fleeing as fast as they can.
Now…another stupid decision by the thought control board has decided to phase out gas powered vehicles.
California is preparing to make its dire energy problems much, much worse
Opinion by Zachary Faria – 8/25/2022 3:47 PM
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If you thought California’s electricity and energy problems were bad now, just you wait.
“California regulators are about to vote to restrict the sale of gas-powered cars and ban the sale of them altogether after 2035. The state had already announced this plan in 2020 as part of its fanatic commitment to wind and solar energy. Everyone in California will be forced to buy electric cars, no matter how much more expensive they are than the ones that already get them from place to place.
What problems are there other than the additional cost to Californians already being crushed by the cost of living in the Golden State? How about the fact that California can’t meet its current energy demands? Over the last several years, the state has repeatedly failed to meet energy demands during heat waves, leading to rolling blackouts. That is before transitioning roughly 16 million drivers from gas-powered cars to electric vehicles. Where all that new energy is going to come from is anyone’s guess.
On top of all that, the state’s grand transportation plan is high-speed rail — a silly project that is constantly being delayed and inevitably blows past every cost projection over and over and over again. If you can’t afford an electric vehicle, or you are unable to charge it thanks to the state’s failing energy grid, you can count on the most expensive train to nowhere being ready by 2029 — or 2039, or maybe 2099.
Whether California will be able to follow through on this strategy is a question for the future. There is plenty of time between now and 2035 to delay this planned ban. But whether California truly cares about its zero-carbon goals is plain to all to see. If the state did care, it would not have carried out a zealous campaign to shut down its nuclear plants. The state’s last plant is set to shutter in 2025, even though it still provides 9% of the state’s power.
Again, the state is willingly cutting off a zero-carbon source of 9% of its power at a time when it can’t meet current energy demands and it is failing to make its climate goals. And it’s going to strain the grid further with a surge of electric vehicles that have to be charged and no plan to make up that energy deficit.
California Democrats are nothing if not ambitious. Given that their ambitions are driving their state into the ground and causing its population to flee, perhaps this would be an appropriate time to reevaluate those lofty goals. But the state has decided to commit itself to the whims of climate activists, even while it can’t keep the lights on for millions of residents.”