FACT: Under this administration, we have had over 5 MILLION illegals come into this country, not 2 years even, Biden taking his oath of office. Crime is soaring all over the country, especially in Democrat cities!
“WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden Tuesday, 12-6-2022, visited Arizona for the first time during his presidency Tuesday — but it wasn’t to visit the U.S.-Mexico border.
Biden said Tuesday “THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS GOING ON,” referring his visit to the state focused on semiconductor manufacturing, a key part of his economic agenda.”
What does this say, when you have a President who is doing his level best to destroy this country from within.
*Cuts our oil production. Result; highest gas prices in decades. Energy prices soaring, home heating bills in some states so high, residents can’t afford to pay for utilities.
*Lockdowns and mandates; has caused this country millions of jobs and company’s closing brick and mortar stores as well as laying office in the thousands, even from big tech! Forced vaccinations has been like the government intentionally culling the population with more people dying from the Covid 19 vaccination now than Covid. Millions have perished all over the world because of a vaccine that was NEVER intended to be for mass use. Biden administration has the deaths of millions on their hands in a mass genocide. Why are they being punished?
*A compromised military, with recruiting at an all-time low.
*Supply chain crisis, price gauging and government doing nothing to alleviate the suffering of many!
*Prescription drug price increases and retail pharmacies can’t get enough staff closing stores 3-4 days per week.
*Inflation highest it has been in over 41 years.
*Education in this country suffering, with lunatic left teachings and parents pulling their kids from schools in droves because of CRT, Gender reassignment studies to middle and lower school children and hate speech trying to be taught to our children.
*What make matters even worse, creepy Joe Biden is a pedophile enabler and possible a pedophile himself! His son, Hunter, well known predator with underage girls and his own niece. Joe Biden’s own daughter, Ashely, blaming her sexual problems on her father because he took showers with her as a young child! OMG!!!
His son Hunter Biden, using Biden’s office when VP as a way to make money for Biden, Biden’s brother James, business partner and himself. The laptop from Hell being suppressed in the MSM by big tech and we are now seeing the extent of Twitter and Facebook playing HUGE rolls in suppressing our first amendment rights!
The horribly botched departure from Afghanistan, leaving behind untold millions, possible more on pallets, along with equipment, arms, ammunition, HUMAN BEINGS, [some killed because they translated or cooperated with the US] and let’s not forget why, as Afghanistan is a lithium gold mine and China coming in a starting to mine it for batteries and other items, leaving the US again, with nothing, except the Biden family and their dealings with the company in China who mines the lithium.
The list goes on, the question, how much longer will Americans tolerate cheating in elections, the destruction of our society and the weaponizing of our political and law enforcement systems?