Turnabout is fair play! Biden is caught red handed with classified documents in 2 locations! In a think tank THAT THE CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY CONTRIBUTED $54 MILLION TO ESTABLISH, AND HIS CURRENT HOME!
Well known attorney Alan Dershowitz says, “Biden keeping classified documents nullifies any argument to prosecute Trump”.
“We know that vice presidents cannot declassify material,” Alan Dershowitz said.
Hillary Clinton had classified documents in a private server in a bathroom in Denver, Colorado and had 37,000 emails some classified on her assistant’s computer and her x-husband computer as well, disgraced Rep. Anthony Weiner!
Neither Biden, nor Clinton had the power, or the right to have ANY classified documents in their possession. once leaving office. Only the President can do so and do so orally and written!
Biden’s office won’t comment, wonder why and you sure as hell don’t hear a word from the hypocrites on Capitol Hill!
What’s good for one Party is good for another. Biden has committed a number of impeachable offenses since being illegally installed. What now?