Silk Summary:
Just as that headline is absurd, but these days, nothing can be called absurd! We have the “woke” policies of the ultra, mad, progressives who this bozo like President is embracing and our economy, lifestyle, are being threatened by Executive Orders that do nothing but harm as did the laws they have passed, like the Inflation Reduction Act, which even the CBO said it WOULD ADD TO OUR INFLATION AND NATIONAL DEBT! BINGO!
From the International news source, Epoch Times:
“Economists are saying that an unprecedented drop in labor participation throughout the United States after the pandemic hit in 2020 has become widely noticeable.
Health concerns, harmful reactions to the COVID vaccines, lockdowns, and stimulus payments pushed tens of millions of Americans who were still in their prime working years out of their jobs.
Three years later, many of those who quit working have yet to return to work, something that has alarmed experts.
A jobs report from the Department of Labor showed that U.S. unemployment levels fell to 3.4 percent in January, the lowest level in more than 50 years.”
p.s. that is NOT good!