Silk Summary:
We all know how SLOW bureaucracies move, ours is NO different! We are still waiting for Hillary Clinton to be punished for co-mingling her State Department gig, with her foundation, using a PRIVATE server, bleaching/deleting 33,000 emails and ALSO having classified documents in her possession, as well as her assistant at the time Huma Abdin, who later it was discovered passed along to her sexual deviant now ex-husband, Anthony Weiner!
Do we really think Joe Biden could have gotten more popular votes than Obama? Does it really make sense, that never in our elections, has a candidate for President ever gotten 94% of his votes after midnight? According to dozens of statisticians, it was a statistical anomaly Biden won, which they said never happened before.
Given the fact that the Democrats DID commit election fraud, when they demanded the news outlets, Twitter, FB and others NOT print the “Hunter Biden Laptop Story” before the 2020 elections, that tells you, just how corrupt our justice system and government has become!
That’s why we need Term Limits and we need to elect officials who will work for the citizens and not their buddies!