How can anti-democratic Democrats credibly demand your vote to protect Democracy even as they publicly support censoring the very free speech upon which Democracy is predicated?
Given that Democrats are proactively undermining Democracy with their court-stated support for censorship against opponents, aren’t they advocating for one of the pillars of fascism?
And they are provably doing this by defending their claimed right to censor dissent in the name of fighting “misinformation,” while also censoring the debate that’s necessary to determine what constitutes said “misinformation.”
Isn’t that a neat Catch-22 trick?
The proof is found in two cases bound for the Supreme Court: Missouri v Biden and NetChoice v Paxton.
The first case involves Democrats in government claiming the right to tag team with Big Tech to remove contrarian posts, while the second deals with Leftists in Big Tech to do the same unilaterally.
Democrats cannot credibly argue that they’re protecting the very Democracy they’re assaulting with censorship.
It’s like narco legend Griselda Blanco running for office on a law and order platform.