Silk Summary:
Do we need any more proof that corruption exists at the highest level, and those who are not in office anymore, pulling the strings of this completely inept clown posing as president!
We get front row seats watching the law being broken from this unchecked bozo from giving away taxpayer money for student debt forgiveness to untold amounts of money being sent overseas to Ukraine while communities here at home reap the benefits. Let’s not forget the classified documents he retained from being VP which is illegal, the selling access to American interests, that’s illegal as well, and the fact bozo committed the worst mass murder in our history with the vaccine mandates which killed 3 times more people than Covid!
All of this and he still gets to beath free air while we get a double standard of justice from a weaponized DOJ and FBI!
If this does ignite a fire under your ass, not much will! Time to call out the help and get everyone you know to call the Representatives and also to make sure everyone votes these useless, corrupt, pieces of crap out of office!
It all makes sense now why the DemocRATS want Trump to be put away! They don’t want their elite status, own private security organization, [FBI] justices [DOJ], money train, [US treasury, with special contracts to friends and family] to be disrupted!