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Silk Summary: New House Rules

Finally, some accountability! My favorite new rule for this incoming Congress, is that if the Speaker fails to abide by the draft agreement making him Speaker, the “Jeffersonian Rule” will apply!👏 Also, finally, TERM...

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Alan Nathan – 01/09/23

SUBJECTS: New House Rules are up for a vote with many Republicans (& Democrats) saying they tie their hands too much while others argue that they’re long overdue – are the business-as-usual folks finally getting...

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Alan Nathan – 01/06/23

SUBJECTS: The Twitter Files show that for the last 2 years (and in their own words) the FBI, DOJ, CIA, DNI, State Dept & members of Congress coordinated with Twitter to violate our 1st Amendment Rights by suppressing,...

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Silk Summary: Planned Depopulation

Thanks, from one of our many friends Roger for sharing this piece with us! (Based on a conversation with Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer scientist (pharmacologist) and vice president who helped expose the dangers of the mRNA...

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