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Silk Summary 2/23/2024

Silk Summary: For days, I looked at this report and I’m thinking, finally, how unfair for a President to be able to break the law “willfully”, and still be free to walk away? I don’t care anything about...

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Silk Summary 2/22/2024

Silk Summary: EPISODE DETAILS Tucker Must listen. “Corrupted US Intelligence has adopted the same tactics to overturn and interfere in elections and influence overseas to interfere with US election. The national security...

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Alan Nathan Show 2/22/2024

THE ALAN NATHAN SHOW IS LIVE TODAY AT 5PM ET: The Federalist and other outlets are warning that the government censors of Election 2020 will repeat their anti-1st Amendment crimes in Election 2024, but will new state laws and...

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Silk Summary 2/21/2024

Silk Summary: Where are ALL our politicians here? We HAVE laws on our books regarding immigration but somehow, all the laws that should be enforced are being ignored and this crisis is deepening! We should be allowed to make...

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