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Alan Nathan – 7/30/21

SUBJECTS: Congressional Republicans are exploding over Speaker Pelosi’s “anti-Science” masking mandates in the House as well as the CDC’s call for even the vaccinated to wear masks inside and outside – let’s separate fact from...

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Alan Nathan – 7/27/21

SUBJECTS: Has China become the world’s strongest power by buying its opposition in the U.S.? //In the Left’s own words vaccine mandates are racist, so why are they supporting them? Silk Or Joe Show Is Filling-In For Alan While...

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Alan Nathan – 7/26/21

SUBJECTS: Why do politicians and the media lie about COVID vaccine side effects? Isn’t that anti-science and dangerous misinformation, as we saw with the Texas Democrat Superspreader event that Democrat talking points said was...

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Alan Nathan – 7/23/21

SUBJECTS: The US Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit will hear a challenge to Section 230 that hugely threatens Big Tech censorship and those in government using them to censor all of us by proxy – how strong is the case?...

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Alan Nathan 7/20/21

Today at 5… The Alan Nathan Show: SUBJECTS: The powerful non-partisan Kaiser Poll shows the entire Left (politicians, media & pundits) ALL had it wrong about Covid-19 “vaccine hesitancy” being with the GOP...

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Alan Nathan – 7/19/21

SUBJECTS: The Arizona Audit has found enough tainted ballots to erase Biden’s lead. Senators are calling to decertify the election. What if any impact will it have at this late date if other states follow suit? //Headline:...

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Alan Nathan 7/16/21

TSUBJECTS: Leftist American communists see their dreams publicly rejected in Cuba, so they and their media allies lie about it. Is it any wonder socialism is spreading in the U.S.? Silk Or Joe Show Co-Host Joe Is Covering For...

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Alan Nathan 7/15/21

SUBJECTS: Bad-faith assertions of racism by the Left are finally running into the buzz saw of discovery – how can we now crush this monstrously babyish BS exercise? //While Biden encourages illegal crossovers from South...

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