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Alan Nathan – 9/18/20

SUBJECTS: Social media enjoys liability protection for ALL free speech posted on their sites because they are platforms vs publishers, but there’s a bill in Congress to remove that protection since they censor that free speech...

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Alan Nathan – 9/17/20

SUBJECTS: US Atty-Gen William Barr warns that Democrats need to back off their message of “Biden or no peace,” because such a stance creates “an incendiary situation where there will be loss of confidence in the vote.” Is he...

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Alan Nathan – 9/16/20

SUBJECTS: Dems flip the script and claim Trump is the anti-military, anti-police candidate- when will their activists in the streets chanting “kill the police” get the memo? //Dems’ favorite doctors on COVID task force say Dem...

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Alan Nathan 9/14/20

SUBJECTS: By President’s own words, he’s taking the gloves off. Has any Republican in 40+ years even been in the ring, let alone taken the gloves off? //Netflix celebrates a movie that blatantly sexualizes children....

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Alan Nathan – 9/11/20

SUBJECTS: How do we combat the already documented increased risk to election security associated with massively increased mail-in-ballot-voting (e.g., lost, stolen and fraudulently filled ballots) – we’ll discuss some of the...

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Alan Nathan – 9/10/20

SUBJECTS: When is “confirmation bias” good? Why do people believe the same liars no matter how many times they’re exposed? Sure, hear people out, but is it realistic to think that this time will be different? How do you size up...

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Alan Nathan – 9/9/20

SUBJECTS: Judging by the way 2020 has gone so far, you’re in a tiny minority if you think the election will go according to Hoyle. What stunts will the Democrats pull in the sprint to the finish? //Internet lights up about...

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Alan Nathan – 9/4/20

SUBJECTS: Trump narrows Biden’s lead both nationally and in battleground states, but is he even closer because of those “Secret Trump Supporters” misinforming pollsters as revealed by Cloud Research & the Monmouth Poll?...

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