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Alan Nathan – 3-2-21

SUBJECTS: Democrats unite in denying that Left-wing assaults from Antifa & BLM equal “insurrection” and “domestic terrorism” while only wanting to investigate Right-wing groups for said assaults – are they functionally...

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Alan Nathan – 3/1/21

SUBJECTS: Dems try to shame Republicans for resisting $1.9 Trillion COVID relief despite said relief being 90% absent//Media expert/ex-CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien highlights MSNBC as an example of how low journalism can get, but...

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Alan Nathan 2/26/21

SUBJECTS: House Democrats’ 1.9 trillion Covid-19 Bill provably has about 90 percent of all funds going to non-Covid-19 related activities & recipients, yet they’re shaming resistant Republicans as if they’re holding up...

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Alan Nathan – 2/24/21

Today at 5… The Alan Nathan Show: SUBJECTS: Congressional Dems threaten journalism by demanding cable companies explain why they carry news that the Democrat Party does not like- how is this not tyranny? //Amidst Biden’s...

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Alan Nathan – 2/23/21

SUBJECTS: Alleged centrist Garland says Antifa/BLM attacking federal property to terrorize opponents is not terrorism because they did it at night- is this what makes a good Democrat AG? //COVID relief bill tucks in bailouts for...

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Alan Nathan 2/22/21

SUBJECTS: Biden excuses China’s human rights abuses and genocide as being “different norms” culturally- why the sudden moral relativism after a crusade against Trump Supporters? //Did Basement Biden prove his senility by...

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Alan Nathan – 2/19/21

SUBJECTS: Biden excuses China’s ongoing human rights abuses, slaughter and genocidal behavior by saying, “Culturally, there are different norms that each country and their leaders are expected to follow” – huh?? //Biden...

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Alan Nathan – 2/18/21

Today at 5… The Alan Nathan Show: SUBJECTS: Second Impeachment Trial just as dishonest as the first- will the truth ever come out? //Texas continues to be powerless because of a Green Agenda that we seem to be powerless to...

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Alan Nathan 2/17/21

SUBJECTS: Biden wants to rejoin the WHO despite their participation in letting China’s authorities conduct the probe into the Wuhan Lab’s role in launching Covid-19 – talk about conflict-of-interest on...

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Alan Nathan – 2/16/21

SUBJECTS: Dems call for government panels to decide what the truth is, as China’s government panels write lies parroted by the World Health Organization- how can we have a First Amendment or even debate when the government...

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