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Alan Nathan 2/27/20

SUBJECTS: We’re at the 47th Annual CPAC Conference here at the Gaylord National Resort talking about the rising tensions within the Democrat Party as the establishment strains to stop the socialist juggernaut known as Senator...

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Alan Nathan – 2/24/20

SUBJECTS: More high profiled Democrats are expressing dread over Bernie Sanders becoming their party’s nominee because of his Socialism wherein getting equally oppressed for the “greater good” is sold as actual “equality” – who...

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Alan Nathan 2/21/20

SUBJECTS: More and more headlines are reporting the terror that’s gripping establishment Democrats over the prospect of Socialist Bernie Sanders winning their party’s nomination and triggering a down-ballot meltdown – are their...

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Alan Nathan 2/20/20

SUBJECT: Democrats’ pugilistic debate in Vegas leaves Sanders chastened (but still the leader), Warren and Klobuchar stronger (but not enough to matter), Bloomberg in tatters, Buttigieg neutralized and Biden as forgettable as...

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Alan Nathan – 2/18/20

SUBJECTS: Democrat leaders panic over Socialist Sanders as GOP thinkers express concern about Billionaire Bloomberg, but do their flaws trump those fears? //AG Barr has spat with Trump over tweeting as Dems continue calling for...

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Alan Nathan – 2/13/20

SUBJECTS: How seriously concerned are Democrat leaders over the chances of Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders actually securing their party’s nomination for the Presidency? //The Washington Examiner and others report the GOP...

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Alan Nathan – 2/12/20

SUBJECTS: Bernie beats Buttigieg, but can the old Bolshevik maintain this momentum? //Does Sen. Romney’s history truly bear out his claim of morality in betraying the GOP? //And, we’ll take a look at the humanitarian crisis...

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Alan Nathan – 2/11/20

SUBJECTS: Democrats’ tactics resulted in Trump’s triumphant week and a mass alienation of Black voters- did Dems learn anything? //Democrats attack Trump for removing their attempted coup’s allies in his Administration, but...

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