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Alan Nathan – 10/15/21

SUBJECTS: Democrats attack your right to fair elections, your right to the sanctity of your body, your right to be involved in your kids’ education, and even your right to live while claiming they stand for these things- is the...

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Alan Nathan 10/8/21

SUBJECTS: Biden and his Democrats are dropping in the polls like planes on fire out of the sky on everything from national security, the border crisis, the economy and who can best lead the country – will the rapid descent...

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Alan Nathan 10/6/21

SUBJECTS: DOJ decides only terrorists oppose CRT and pledge to treat parents as such- how long will we stomach this tyranny? //Ivermectin still criticized as Big Pharma introduces critically acclaimed (and expensive) copies- is...

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Alan Nathan 10/5/21

SUBJECTS: Bill Maher slams the whining Left for attacking Sinema & Manchin over their opposition to Biden’s 3.5 trillion bill saying the 2 Senators have “their thumb more on the pulse on the average Democrat...

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Alan Nathan – 9/29/21

SUBJECTS: Biden gets dramatically exposed for lying by his own generals in Capitol Hill testimony over his claim that none of them advised him to keep 2500 or so troops in Afghanistan to preempt the very botched evacuation we...

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