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Alan Nathan – 4/9/20

SUBJECTS: Trump calls out the WHO for its verifiable enabling of China’s Covid-19 cover-up and is threatened by its Director “with body bags” – is it time to measure the Director for one of his own? //Democrats urinate on the...

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Alan Nathan 4/8/20

SUBJECTS: Covid-19 hotspots like Italy and Spain witness a cooling as NY sees a sizable reduction in hospitalizations while NIAID Director Dr. Fauci says students may return to school by the Fall – how will the re-opening of our...

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Alan Nathan 4/6/20

SUBJECTS: Media exposes its open alliance with the Left to cast Trump’s Covid-19 response negatively in order to counter his rising poll numbers, but are they hurting themselves and the nation more than they are Trump?...

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Alan Nathan 4/2/20

SUBJECTS: 6.4 million more reported out of work, but won’t those numbers reverse as quickly as they fell once Covid-19 is behind us – after all, why wouldn’t the strongest economy prior the virus also be the strongest one...

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Alan Nathan 4/1/20

SUBJECTS: Former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice claims Trump Administration is stigmatizing Asians by referencing China as the originating country of Covid-19 despite tons of fellow Democrats having done the same –...

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Alan Nathan – 3/31/20

SUBJECTS: NYC Mayor De Blasio (D) threatens to permanently close places of worship that hold services. What price in Liberty do we pay, how much Tyranny will we tolerate, in the name of ‘safety’? Why are some politicians...

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Alan Nathan – 3/30/20

SUBJECTS: FDA rushes chloroquine to anti-Covid arsenal. //And, David Horowitz joins us to talk about Trump further enduring blatantly hypocritical attacks by Leftists over his Covid-19 policy- will this partisanship payoff?...

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Alan Nathan – 3/27/20

SUBJECTS: “Let them eat pork?” Dems try to stuff Coronavirus relief legislation with unrelated Leftist goodies while new Corona cases and the new jobs report show Americans are hurting- will they get away with it? Karen Kataline...

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Alan Nathan 3/26/20

SUBJECTS: The Senate sends its 2 trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Bill to the House minus most (but not all) of the Democrats’ wet-dream efforts to use the crisis as leverage for socialistic demands – what’s next?...

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