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Alan Nathan 1/16/20

SUBJECTS: After sitting on them for four weeks, Democrats finally hand off the “urgent” articles of impeachment to the Senate- what next? //Is becoming Iran’s ally an effective strategy for Dems this election year? Listen Live:...

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Alan Nathan – 1/15/20

SUBJECTS: Former Obama National Security Advisor Gen James Jones joins Obama’s former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson in his support for Trump’s killing of Soleimani – how difficult do these backings make it for most Democrats...

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Alan Nathan – 1/14/20

SUBJECTS: Democrats begin this election year by bungling Impeachment and Iran – Kathleen Antrim guest hostsKathleen Antrim will be filling-in for Alan Nathan while he is on assignment. Listen Live:

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Alan Nathan – 1/13/20

SUBJECTS: House Dems rush impeachment, citing urgency, only to stall for weeks while demanding Senate Republicans clean up the mess Dems made of it- will reality make a rare appearance? //Left’s anti-Trump fervor leads to...

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Alan Nathan – 1/10/20

SUBJECTS: Pete Buttigieg and other Lefties moronically blame the US for Iran’s accidental missile attack against a Ukrainian flight leaving Tehran by linking it to our killing of mass terrorist Soleimani – are they really this...

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Alan Nathan 1/9/20

SUBJECTS: Iran backs down as Left spreads fear of World War III, with Iran as their hero- what next? //Democrat leadership continues playing “hurry up and wait” with impeachment while rank and file fume- how long can they keep...

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Alan Nathan 1/8/20

SUBJECTS: Was the advanced warning of the attack at Iraq’s al Assad Air Base (housing some US troops) a face-saving event for the very Iranian government that issued it, and was it their acknowledgment of our returned deterrence...

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Alan Nathan – 1/7/20

Today at 5… The Alan Nathan Show: SUBJECTS: Democrats are enraged that Trump didn’t go to Congress before killing Iranian Quds Force General Qassem Soleimani despite his recent attacks on Americans at both Kirkuk and the...

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Alan Nathan – 1/3/20

SUBJECTS: Following Trump’s lethal counter to the Iranian-backed Hezbollah strikes on US contractors & Iran’s direct assault on our Baghdad Embassy, Dems try to muddy Trump’s commitment to avoid “endless wars” with an...

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Alan Nathan 1/2/20

SUBJECTS: Dems support sanctuary cities that violate the Constitution on Illegal Immigration, while opposing those that support the Constitution on 2nd Amendment Rights (e.g., VA) – will they trigger a civil war they cannot win...

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