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Alan Nathan – 8/1/22

SUBJECTS: Polls show Americans agree across party lines on one thing- government employees act like they’re above the law. What can be done? //Should we be surprised that the Biden Admin is lying about a recession after their...

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Alan Nathan – 7/29/22

SUBJECTS: Polls show most Americans (regardless of party) feel that government employees have disconnected themselves from the very body of laws they demand we follow, and they wonder what we can do about it – we have the...

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Alan Nathan – 7/27/22

SUBJECTS: Just The News lists almost two dozen now confirmed bombshell illegalities undercutting the Democrat-driven media claims that the 2020 general election was flawless, and that those disagreeing with them are perpetuating...

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Alan Nathan 7/25/22

SUBJECTS: Swampy Republicans keep telling the rest of us to ignore issues like election integrity, Jan 6, and the Covid fiasco. Should we ignore *them* instead? //Truckers are choking under huge diesel prices and...

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Alan Nathan – 7/22/22

SUBJECTS: Court rulings allow rogue and incompetent federal employees to keep their jobs- what can we do? //Crisis after crisis plagues America while Biden’s poll numbers drop- is an assured Midterm victory for Republicans...

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Alan Nathan – 7/21/22

SUBJECTS: We can’t kill the Deep State until we strip from federal employees the perverse right to call their jobs “property” when used as a shield from accountability for incompetence, negligence, abuse and insubordination...

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Alan Nathan – 7/19/22

SUBJECTS: Just The News lists over 20 illegal acts in the 2020 elections- what does that say about everyone else claiming to be ”just the news” who buried this story? //Dem Harvard Law Prof Dershowitz condemns Dem DOJ’s ruthless...

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