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Alan Nathan – 11/21/19

SUBJECTS: The mixed bag of testimony from America’s Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland seems to be a net plus for Trump while other witnesses prove verifiably short on direct knowledge but long on opinions – what follows?...

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Alan Nathan 11/19/19

SUBJECTS: AG Barr warns that Trump’s “opponents” in “both the legislative and judicial branches” are “engaged in a war to cripple, by any means necessary, a duly elected government”- will voters heed his words? // PROVABLY, The...

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Alan Nathan 11/18/19

SUBJECTS: US Atty Gen Barr says Trump’s “opponents” in “both the legislative and judicial branches have been responsible for encroaching on the presidency’s constitutional authority” adding they’re “engaged in a war to cripple,...

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Alan Nathan 11/15/19

Today at 5… The Alan Nathan Show SUBJECTS:  There are two distinct problems with the Dems’ Impeachment Inquiry against Trump: 1) Proving a quid-pro-quo they can’t; and 2) Saying that investigating corruption...

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Alan Nathan – 11/13/19

SUBJECTS: Adam Schiff tells the GOP they can’t focus on the Bidens & Ukrainian interference with our 2016 Election through witnesses they’d like to call, but he can’t stop them from focusing on both in their questions to the...

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Alan Nathan – 11/12/19

SUBJECTS: Anti-Trump DNC operative & artificial whistleblower (Eric Ciaramella) isn’t testifying against the President, so where’s the relevance of other witnesses echoing charges that won’t be legitimized by the author’s...

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Alan Nathan 11/8/19

SUBJECTS: When will one single Impeachment-Inquiry witness cough up one single example of direct first-hand knowledge of Trump issuing a quid-pro-quo to the Ukraine Gov’t to investigate the Bidens for political gain (vs just...

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