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Alan Nathan – 1/14/21

SUBJECTS: Biden’s 33% approval-rated presidency and his Democrats’ historically low generic-poll standings are finding their dictatorial socialistic policies universally unpopular as evidenced by an abundance of failures...

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Alan Nathan 1/13/22

SUBJECTS: The Quinnipiac Poll has Biden freshly at 33% approval (with his weakest areas being the economy, foreign policy and Covid management) – when does approval drop down to his household? //Biden goes to the Senate...

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Alan Nathan – 1/12/22

SUBJECTS: Since each of the three Liberal Supreme Court Justices announced a different Covid falsehood in the same session, is it fair to say they pushed a deliberate misinformation tactic that cannot be excused by the usual...

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Alan Nathan – 1/11/22

SUBJECTS: We’ll debate why Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor and the Left continue announcing the craziest and most easily debunked Covid alarmism claims on the planet //We’re additionally covering the antithetically named...

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Alan Nathan – 1/7/22

SUBJECTS: WI GOP Sen Johnson skewers Big Tech’s censorship for using grounds that are as bias as the decisions they justify – so, how do we stop partisan government censoring Non-Left voices done through their Big Tech proxy...

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Alan Nathan – 1/6/22

SUBJECTS: Which is worse, the insurrectionist activities of 01-06-21 on the Capitol wherein one protester was killed, OR the 500+ Antifa-BLM insurrectionist riots of 2020 & 2021 wherein 5 cops were killed while another 700...

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Alan Nathan – 12/21/21

SUBJECTS: WV Centrist Democrat Joe Manchin’s rejection of the Democrats’ cost-camouflaged Build Back Better bill has them losing their already crumbling cookies – their next tactic is hardball despite Manchin’s warning – will he...

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Alan Nathan 12-20-21

SUBJECTS: WV Dem Sen Joe Manchin has openly chided his party’s “shell games” & “budget gimmicks” since November regarding Biden’s BBB, and now states that “I cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation. I...

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