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Alan Nathan – 7/7/20

SUBJECTS: Unemployment drops for 2nd month in a row as we have 60% more new jobs than forecasted- cause for optimism? //”Black Lives Matter” is perfectly labelled to hide its own bullying, racism, Marxism, and anti-Semitism-...

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Alan Nathan – 7/3/20

SUBJECTS: The mainstream media insists that if you reference China as the origin of Covid-19, and if you reference the overt bigotry and Marxism of “Black Lives Matter,” you then become a “xenophobic racist.” Do you accept that,...

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Alan Nathan 7-2-20

SUBJECTS: Jobs rocket up to 4.8 million reaching 60% beyond the original forecast while unemployment drops to 11.1% – will the two month positive trend continue? //How long can “Black Lives Matter” enjoy its popularity as more...

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Alan Nathan 7/1/20

SUBJECTS: Just in time for INDEPENDENCE DAY, Democrat governors are closing bars en masse. Is this a coincidence and why don’t they ever want us to have any fun? //Did you ever think you’d have to convince some...

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Alan Nathan – 6/29/20

SUBJECTS: Central Russia Collusion narrative pusher Peter Strzok’s notes implicate Biden despite his denials- but could the absent-minded Sleepy Joe have just forgotten? //U.S. Court of Appeals orders Judge Sullivan to drop Gen....

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Alan Nathan – 6/26/20

SUBJECTS: The Supreme Court hands Trump a big 7-2 win in his battle to ensure that bogus asylum claims are no longer reviewed by the Judiciary but rather by DHS as Congressional Law requires – how will this likely reduce illegal...

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Alan Nathan – 6/25/20

SUBJECTS: Extreme bombshell – “Russian Hoax” enabler & fired FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s Oval Office notes expose Biden’s direct role in calling for Gen Flynn’s bad-faith prosecution, AND that Obama joined in as did Susan...

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Alan Nathan – 6/22/20

SUBJECTS: SCOTUS decides constitutional law is subordinate to legislative law in striking down Trump’s ability to end an Executive Order (DACA)- were their collars too tight that day? //Increasingly, we learn that Bolton’s...

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Alan Nathan – 6/19/20

SUBJECTS: SCOTUS rules Trump can’t reverse an Executive Order (DACA) since he hasn’t satisfied the APA despite that legislative law being subordinate to constitutional law that protects the Executive’s prerogative over such...

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