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SUBJECTS: Mueller’s report is out and Democrats are crazily objecting to Attorney General Barr’s prerogatives under the law’s rules of disclosure. Why? It’s because the primary result is in Trump’s...

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SUBJECTS: Democratic presidential candidates for 2020 continue saying, ‘Hey, vote for me and I’ll give you more out of the treasury than the other guy’ – does bribing folks with their own money still...

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SUBJECTS: Despite media and rogue courts often siding with the Left and “Never-Trumper Right,” those groups are still breathtakingly losing to the President and his allies on pivotal fronts – we’ll share...

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SUBJECTS: FISA surveillance and undercover operatives no longer constitute “spying” according to Dems- when can we expect their apology over Watergate? //Mueller Probe offshoot claims its first victim: Obama’s White House...

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SUBJECTS: Rep Rashida Tlaib defends Rep Ilhan Omar’s description of 9/11 as a day when “some people did something,” by calling her critics “racists” thus exposing her own membership in that club...

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SUBJECTS: The Left still claims there’s “Trump-Russian Collusion” while denying there’s a “southern border crisis” despite each conclusively proven to be the opposite – is their stance...

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SUBJECTS: Democrats and their activists mobilize lawsuits against Trump’s National Emergency declaration for the Border, but will their provable bad-faith denial of the crisis catch up to them? //We’ll be separating faux...

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SUBJECTS: Congressman Devin Nunes making 8 criminal referrals to the DOJ. Who’s in the crosshairs? //Bernie Sanders and Jeh Johnson breaking ranks with their Dem colleagues by calling the Border a crisis. //Are the Biden...

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SUBJECTS: Some investigators on Mueller’s team have much in common with illegal immigrants as both groups are crossing lines that violate laws – will they be stopped with more effective means than have thus far been...

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SUBJECTS: Some Mueller investigators say that his report is more damaging to Trump than Atty-Gen Barr’s summary indicates, but they still don’t counter anything Barr actually stated – why? //Democratic...

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