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Alan Nathan – 11/28/22

SUBJECTS: Government and societal elites force hypocritical rules on you that they would never think of abiding by- if China can erupt in protest over such things, why can’t we? //With the House’s investigation powers out of...

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Alan Nathan – 11/11/22

SUBJECTS: The universally often-cited Cook-Political-Report shows that while the GOP disappointed by only doing marginally better than the Democrats in seats won, they got a whopping 6.4 percent greater amount in popular vote –...

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Alan Nathan – 11/10/22

SUBJECTS: Early voting and mail-in ballots were game changers in the 2022 midterm elections. //January 6 and abortion fear-mongering energized Democrats. //Russia withdraws from Kherson, but perhaps only to set up a devastating...

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Alan Nathan – 11/09

SUBJECTS: Who believes honest midterm results would show people want more open borders, runaway inflation, emptying of the prisons, and tyranny for people who dare to disagree? The fact that we are “not allowed” to...

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Alan Nathan – 11/8/22

SUBJECTS: Biden alienates millions by promising to end oil and coal while patronizing Black college students saying they’re “just as bright” as others which seems reminiscent of when he said that Obama was “the first mainstream...

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