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Alan Nathan – 01/12/23

Karen Kataline is filling-in for Alan while he’s on assignment! SUBJECTS: We’re all delighted and relieved that 24 y.o. Damar Hamlin survived his horrific event on the football field, but isn’t it time to talk about...

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Silk Summary: El Paso Border Crisis

This is what it looks like in El Paso Texas. The Biden Cabal has allowed over 5 million to enter our country illegally in the last 2 years. If that’s not a criminal action against the citizens, I don’t know what is!...

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Alan Nathan – 01/10/23

John Hayward filling-in for Alan Nathan while he is on assignment. SUBJECTS: Joe Biden caught mishandling classified documents after criticizing Donald Trump for the same. //CNN is losing even left-leaning viewers because they...

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