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SUBJECTS: NYT reports Mueller eyeing Trump’s critical tweets of current & past underlings as evidence of “obstruction of justice” despite Trump’s constitutional administrative authority to overrule...

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Today at 5… The Alan Nathan Show — SUBJECTS:  EU blinks showing that Trump’s counter-tariff strategy works despite opposition from Right-wing never-Trumpers, self-described ‘free-traders’ &...

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SUBJECTS:  Michael Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis, confessed to keeping silent about the Obama White House’s threats to a press outlet for publishing his own writings, but now paints the Trump White House as worse...

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SUBJECTS: AP reports more Dems are becoming Democratic Socialists with a constitution ordering us to “reject an economic order based on private profit” & instead use a “social order based on popular control of...

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SUBJECTS: We’re covering the Intelligence Community’s and Media’s left-wing anti-Trump bias that’s choking and poisoning our national debate on all things foreign and domestic. Listen Live:...

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