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SUBJECTS: 2020 Democrat Presidential contenders unanimous in surrendering their campaigns’ freedom to the socialist Green New Deal- will we see them demanding we surrender our freedoms to comply with it? //Mueller’s Russian...

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SUBJECTS: Will Americans ever give up their individual freedoms in exchange for the dictates of Socialism that define the Green New Deal supported by all of the Democrats vying for President in 2020? //Will Mueller’s...

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SUBJECTS: Fired for documented lies, former Deputy FBI Director McCabe claims he and Deputy Atty-Gen Rosenstein discussed using the 25th Amendment to overthrow Trump’s Election – what should be the consequences? //16...

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SUBJECTS: We’ll be discussing the confessed attempted coup by fired Dep FBI Dir McCabe (& allies); the deal to avoid a shutdown; and, the latest polls showing that a heavy majority of Americans prefer Capitalism over...

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