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Silk Summary: Fair Play

We need some fair play! It was reported on but BURIED that Pelosi knew about an attack coming to the Capitol if Trump lost. A planned attack, so they could pin it on the former President and his supporters and show American what...

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Alan Nathan – 12/23/22

SUBJECTS: We’ll be covering what’s becoming known as “The DeSantis Democrats” as seen in Florida’s actual “red wave” when looking at the formerly Democrat strongholds that went for him in 2022, and we’ll examine how his appeal...

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Alan Nathan – 12/22/22

SUBJECTS: If Democrats are running things so well and their ideology is so popular, why must it be sold through lies and fascist censorship? //And, we’ll unpack the ominous Omnibus Bill. Silk Or Joe Show Co-Host Joe Is Covering...

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Silk Summary: Arizona’s Election Failures

Finally, the naysayers will see that Maricopa County, Arizona, the largest county in that state, has had so many election failures, it is truly amazing how they have been swept under the rug and most likely, those serving during...

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Alan Nathan – 12/21/22

SUBJECTS: Claiming we need “to protect Democracy,” VP Harris advocates government partnering with social media to censor alleged “disinformation” versus letting free speech be the vehicle that determines if it exists – but how...

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