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Alan Nathan – 8/5/22

SUBJECTS: Not even Democrat voters think Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act will reduce inflation. //Democrats will pay a price at the ballot box for surging crime. //Democrat lawmakers quietly agree that Biden’s...

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Alan Nathan – 8/4/22

Today at 5… The Alan Nathan Show: SUBJECTS: While grotesquely underreported, court cases are successfully moving forward against the Biden Administration’s violations of our 1st Amendment Rights through their...

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Silk Summary: Past Recessions

Interesting to see if this post makes it since Facebook already wrongly fact-checked information that HAS always been true! Check out the last URL as this way, it won’t be the first URL and may miss the ax.   2 CONSECUTIVE...

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Alan Nathan – 8/2/22

SUBJECTS: Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan causes a tense confrontation with China. //Democrats pass a virtue-signaling assault weapons ban. //Joe Biden struggles to redefine “recession,” but climate changers...

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