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Alan Nathan – 1/14/21

SUBJECTS: Biden’s 33% approval-rated presidency and his Democrats’ historically low generic-poll standings are finding their dictatorial socialistic policies universally unpopular as evidenced by an abundance of failures...

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Silk Summary: Gas Lighting our Citizens

How long will and how much evidence will it take for our government and others to stop gas lighting their citizens?   The truth will eventually be told, just like the lame stream media will eventual die and give birth to another...

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Alan Nathan 1/13/22

SUBJECTS: The Quinnipiac Poll has Biden freshly at 33% approval (with his weakest areas being the economy, foreign policy and Covid management) – when does approval drop down to his household? //Biden goes to the Senate...

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Alan Nathan – 1/12/22

SUBJECTS: Since each of the three Liberal Supreme Court Justices announced a different Covid falsehood in the same session, is it fair to say they pushed a deliberate misinformation tactic that cannot be excused by the usual...

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Silk Summary: Jan 6

There’s video circulating around the internet showing Capitol Police giving bats and sticks to members of either BLM or Antifa. We’re not sure what it is, and yes, there are folks handing out bats, but who, what and...

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