Yesterday evening, the US House of Representatives, passed a Spending Bill, without even reading it!

“No one has seen the final wording of a long and complicated bill we will be expected to vote on tomorrow evening,” Republican Maryland Rep. Andy Harris told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “That’s no way to run a legislature.”

Agreed, that is no way to run a government, so why did they do it?

“Pelosi and the Democrats promised a full 72 hours to review legislation,” a senior conservative congressional aide told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “But now we’re voting on a massive, probably thousands-page long conference report tomorrow and we haven’t even seen text the day before? This is worse than under Speaker Ryan.”

Some of the items in this 1,159-page bill are provisions that will limit the President’s ability to round up undocumented immigrants and that increase oversight of the officers who carry out those sweeps. That’s like saying, we must call home before we do our jobs!

Newly minted Democratic freshman in Congress, wouldn’t get in line with Pelosi on this Bill because it had money to shore up the Department of Homeland Security. How could any lawmaker vote against keeping this country safe!? Those lawmakers should be paraded around like examples of embarrassment, so their constituents and the rest of the Country can see their lack of caring for safety of Americans!

Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen touted money to protect the Chesapeake Bay, $150 million for the Washington area subway system.

There is also 1.9 percent pay increase for civilian federal employees, and the certainty of funding for the rest of the year. Yes, let’s keep raising their pay, as they already make more than the average private sector worker.

The National Endowment for the Arts and the EPA are seeing increases, and there’s $9 billion for new transportation infrastructure projects.

Guess it’s more important to fund the Arts with taxpayer money, then it is to protect women! Speaker Pelosi, refused to extend the 1994 Violence Against Women Act, that was one of the items chopped from the bill! Several times this law has been extended but not with Pelosi.

“Republican Senator Ben Sasse calculated that the bill spent $270 million per page. That’s taxpayer money they are talking about!

“This is a crappy way to spend taxpayers’ money,” said Mr. Sasse, Nebraska Republican. “No senator is even pretending to have read this dang swamp thing.”

Bravo to the Senator for voting against it!

I find it so incredibly wrong to spend more money on items of lesser importance than securing our borders. Yet the Democrats have no problem with less balance and checks at the borders! After all, how would they replace all those illegal cheap votes that carried some of their lawmakers into office?