The English are upset as well with the lack of real information about the EAU of the Covid Vaccines.
These vaccines have NOT be thoroughly tested like they would have been if it went through all the processes of the FDA. It was authorized for Emergency use only!
More people have died with these vaccines than has been the case with vaccines that have been fully tested and given all out approval.
What aren’t we hearing? Maybe the fact Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and the CCP have complained the population is too big and growing to fast to sustain the worlds resources and that there needs to be “culling” of the population.
Why aren’t they telling people who have had Covid not to get vaccinated? It is widely known that once you have had it, your body builds antibodies against further infection!?
Then there’s herd immunity! Why such a rush to get a jab?
That is the $26 Billion question. That is the number, by the way, that Pfizer made as of the beginning of this year on sales of the Covid vaccine!