Thanks Capitan for sending Rich’s latest analysis on what’s going on…
The Pitch
For the last 100 years, whenever a democrat stands up and announces the latest plan to ‘invest’ in America, grab your wallet and hold on tight. “Invest’ is democrat- speak for spending. Biden has announced a $6 Trillion dollar budget proposal, ‘investing’ in all manner of social engineering stuff, while doing almost nothing for things like border security or the military, or public safety. From the start, he, like all democrats before him, has made the pitch that this will be paid for ‘by the rich’, or ‘corporations’. They always say that. And, they know they are lying as they speak. ‘The rich’ do not have enough money to fund all these grandiose ideas, and corporations do not actually ‘pay’ taxes. They only ‘collect’ taxes, which they then pass along to their customers – ultimately, you and me. But, intones Biden, we will not tax the middle class and poor people, no, no, not ever. Ah, but the truth is out, again. The only way he can get money for these schemes is to steal it from the ones who actually have jobs and pay taxes, and do not have lawyers and lobbyists to get them ‘exceptions’.
There are several ways they can raise taxes. One is by changing rates, so the peasants pay more. Another is to reduce or eliminate deductions, so you pay more. A third way is to disguise taxes as something else – like raising fees for government documents or services, or by passing this along via third parties, like they do with your phone and utility bills.
As is the custom when delivering such false promises, lies and then reality to the people, the announcement was made late Friday night, after the news reporters had gone home. Remember Obama? He did that nearly every week – with Biden at his side.
Speaking of Biden – he has cancelled the Garden of American Heroes. This was to be a monument with statues of all manner of American heroes, all races, all areas of life. But, democrats, who care so much about you, cannot abide such a display. It is not ‘woke’, or socialist, or even communist. So, that one is gone, for now.
Gruesome Newsom has a final bid to protect his job. He is using $116.5 million of tax dollars to hold a lottery for those who have taken the vaccination. Like other lotteries, you can win small prizes, up to very large sums of money for the lucky winner. Buying votes has gone Hollywood.
The city tried to block and ban pro-life protesters from making a public protest in front of abortion clinics. Oddly, they had no problem with rioters and looters shredding business districts, who pay taxes for police protection. But ‘women have a right to abortions’, the city cries, and cannot be subject to protests from those who disagree. Well, a 3-judge court of appeals in the 2nd district had the audacity to claim that the protesters had a right to free speech – even if they are not burning, looting, destroying police cars and smashing windows.
They tried to go ‘woke’ with postage stamps. In an effort to demonstrate how much more difficult it is for people of color to succeed, they made the value of ‘dark’ stamps much less than the value for ‘light’ stamps. That went over like the proverbial screen door in a submarine. The concept of ‘equity’ just does not sell in Spain.
The electron fraud audit is being dismissed by a judge there. Someone really, really, does not want the results to be made public.
For God and Country
This is an event in Dallas kind of like the CPAC convention. It was broadcast live on Newsmax. One person being interviewed and taking questions from the audience was Sydney Powell. This lady is greatly feared and hated by the left. She had a lot to say about election fraud, the vaccine and several other topics. Some of the people who asked questions of her also told stories. Like the lady who noted that lots of illegals have a driver’s license – another common ploy used by democrats. These non-citizens were able to vote here, by showing their driver’s license, but did not have to prove or declare that they were US citizens. Now you know why democrats have been pushing for driver’s licenses, and other state ID for illegals. This lady suggested that we all need a citizenship card, as well as a driver’s license. That could be a two edged sword, to be sure.
You need a large mouth to swallow the huge horse pill the left wants us to take, in order to believe their nonsense. Being ‘woke’, or accepting that we cannot question the election ‘because it is over now’ is kind of like saying ‘don’t investigate the murder, after all, the victim is already dead.’ ‘Woke’ is like taking a dip in an acid bath – and splashing around for a while.
Joe Walsh
This is a RINO, who was also a rabid anti-Trumper. He was rewarded with his own radio talk show for his political stance. But, alas, ratings were not so good, and he was cancelled. Joe says it is all Trump’s fault. Of course. Democrats, even those who claim to be republicans, are never at fault when they fail.
John Cena
This fellow is part of the ‘Fast and Furious’ team, promoting their latest movie. In a recent interview, to an audience in Taiwan, he said that Taiwan would be the ‘first country’ to see his new movie. Taiwan has been independent, but not listed as a nation, since 1949, when Mao took over mainland China. The mainland folks have never accepted that Taiwan is more than a rebel province of their country (which they took by force of arms). Kind of like Russia trying to take back all the nations they used to control, or the Arabs refusing to believe that Israel is an actual nation. And all the other examples of nations refusing to accept that ‘things have changed’.
Well, China was upset with John for his comment, and he was forced (in true democrat fashion – just like in the re-education camps) to go on Chinese TV, and apologize, in Chinese, for his sins. This was called ‘kow-tow’ before the Emperor. Abasement, self flagellation, and seeking forgiveness for not being politically correct.
So, why did he do this? Well, it is the same old story. The China market accounted for 84% of the proceeds of this movie.
Should this upset you? Only if you realize that China owns more than 3 million acres of prime real estate in the US. And, that they have a lot of public officials, right up to the White House, in their pocket using the Three B’s – Bribery, Bullying or Blackmail. And, don’t forget, they own much of GM and other auto companies, and hold several trillion dollars worth of our massive debt. Nothing to see here, folks, move over so everyone can bow down.