Something all should read, maybe read twice and pass it on if you’re so inclined.
I’d like to thank the General for passing it along to me!
Earlier this month I sent you a commentary that follows this message. It was intended to inform and reflect on the magnitude of the challenge we face. The following commentary is likewise intended to capture issues important to us all.
Conspiracies of our corrupt Public Servants
As we observe the desperate efforts of Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden to cover-up the failing economy and their mismanagement of the Pandemic, there is the stench of liars lying to cover-up lies. They have no shame, so they ignore an odious track record that would shame Stalin himself. Meanwhile they stack the deck with partisan hacks and RINO Trump-haters to assemble the 6 January Commission to convict Donald Trump of inciting riots and insurrections, the long-established method of “peaceful protests” by Democrat mobs.
Their ridiculous behavior reminds us of Joab’s rebuke of King David: “You love those who hate you and you hate those who love you.” It is the quandary of Progressive educators (fellow travelers), who love Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and Mao Zedong and they hate Americans (deplorables). It is the fantasy of non-existent utopia of over-educated teachers that typifies the socialists and their communist crusade that is already doomed to failure.
.In a nightmare of delusional reforms Soviet planners replaced everything from God to entrepreneurs with inexperienced commissars, who thought they knew everything. Socialism inevitably produces a failed state and a bankrupt economy when there is no more wealth to steal from property owners already in slave labor camps or summarily executed.
The Marxist utopia is wedded to unworkable economic concepts that make slaves of workers and tyrants of terrorists. Communists create a brutal police state in which everyone owns everything that translates into a reality in which no one owns anything. They produce an impoverished workforce with no pride in their work. In the former Soviet Union Soviet workers joked sarcastically that “we pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.”
The sad truth is a centralized socialist economy dependent upon centralized planning to direct production, allocate resources and direct distribution of everything from underwear to farm tractors, the state planners always screw up the plan. Soviet five-year plans always screwed it up beyond belief. Commissars and factory managers habitually lied to hide the incompetence and inefficiency of their system.
How could it have worked, when all hopes were placed in commissars and government bureaucrats to plan everything and communicate the plans to everyone to do everything? In the end the Soviet planners proved to be no match for the invisible hand of supply and demand in Western democracies that regulates free markets
It is in these same failed socialist methods that killed millions of innocent people that Communist idealogues again place all their hopes to transform America. Sound familiar? It’s AOC and her cohort of Marxist zealots with their ridiculous socialist doctrine and communist pipedreams. One day it will all come crashing down on everyone, the guilty and the innocent alike, who set out to show God how to do his job.
Col. Andrew P. O’Meara (name on Amazon)
Author of Liberty Vs. Tyranny